Google Backlink Profile_

What Makes a Good Backlink Profile?

A back-link profile is essentially a profile of all the links that are pointing to your site. This may include links from other websites that are recommending you, social media shares, guest blogs you have done or even just internal links within your site. Penguin updates have placed more emphasis on the need for quality back-links. This means back-links that are from reputable sources and back-links that are from relevant sources. This is all implemented by Google to try to make sure that rankings are as accurate and as valuable to the users as possible.

Understanding the back-links that are pointing to your page is an essential part of the SEO process. You do this process by looking at all the back-links that point to your profile and removing or blocking anything that doesn’t look natural. This means links that are directed from low quality or low relevance sites. Google Webmaster Tools is a good platform to start checking your links with.

Other factors that make up a good back-link profile.

Location of the link
This is the on-page location. Factors such as how high the link is in the text or if the link is embedded in content or part of a signature, or whether the links are distributed evenly throughout your site or directed at one page, are all important factors to consider in regards to your back-linking profile. Also, whether the link is placed on the home page, or in a deeper location of the site, also holds relevance.

Social media presence
The presence of a link in regards to social media is another factor you should consider. How frequently is the link being shared through Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus?

This refers to the regularity at which the link crawled and updated by the search engines. Making sure you have fresh content that is shared with other sources is the best way to have the links crawled.

What is the ratio of your inbound to outbound links. If the majority of your links are reciprocated by another blog, this suggests link trades and a lack of diversity.

Ultimately, having a diverse selection of links and understanding the factors that contribute to their success is the way to develop a strong back-link profile. Contact us today to see how we can help you begin this journey.