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This project highlights our ability design, build and host large and engaging e-commerce websites, balancing UI design, SEO and content marketing for optimum performance.

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Project Brief

Butler and Wilson is a well-known brand, and they sell products across the UK and overseas.

We were asked to redesign and rebuild the BW website in order to improve the customer journey, help streamline administration and make better use of search engines to help increase website traffic. We elected to use the popular and widely supported Magento E-Commerce platform.

Project Summary

We took great care in designing the website as there were a number of competing priorities. Firstly, the website needed to offer a good and efficient user experience on both large and small screen formats, with a focus on browsing and searching. Secondly the site needed to have areas that were quick to update – to feature seasonal offers for example. Thirdly the site needed to feature a comprehensive product range, while appearing uncluttered. Finally, the website navigation needed to be structured efficiently to make the best use of SEO. We carefully wireframed the site, paying close attention to the areas mentioned – we shared these with our client, created mock-ups and made necessary adjustment prior to the website build.

Hosting – following the website completion we provided a fully redundant and optimised environment to put the website live. The flexible platform we offer allows us to scale up and down on server resources to meet the changing needs of a seasonal and, at times, very high traffic website – Black Friday provided the perfect test for our platform.

SEO - The site structure was carefully planned to aid keyword rankings. The site is product heavy therefore content creation, including meta data, across the website was required. The site has been re-designed multiple times over the last few years meaning we needed to pull down the sites backlink profile raw data to implement redirects. The site has seen huge ranking increases across all non-branded as well as branded keywords.

Content Marketing - Whilst working on SEO we identified areas of the site that could be enhanced with additional content. We created a content marketing strategy to improve rankings as well as user engagement. Our priority was to write product descriptions to increase keyword related content – this not only helped search engines identify Butler & Wilson as a legitimate authority within their field, but it also creates a more engaging experience for the users, helping them to make a more informed decision. The second half of the content marketing strategy focused on the blog. Firstly, we updated original content to improve its SEO value. We then worked on creating new content to be shared out on multiple channels. The articles are all industry related and therefore contain valuable keywords and content for search engines to crawl.


  • Magento
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML


  • Responsive Design, Development
  • Data & Content Migration
  • Systems Integration
  • Hosting
  • Training
  • Copy Writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Support
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