ISO 14001 Certified Company

Our ISO 14001 certification demonstrates that we meet the international standard required for an effective environmental management system.

Blue Frontier has an Environmental Management Plan that helps us comply with the legal requirements expected of organisations regarding environmental impact.

In order to hold the ISO 14001 certificate, Blue Frontier has to comply with environmental legislation and best practice and seek to reduce wastage of resources such as energy, water and raw materials. In addition to this, we aim to maximise efficient use of resources, including reusing and recycling materials where possible. All of our employees have an understanding of their environmental responsibilities, whilst our management team continually monitor and improve our processes where possible.

Our certificate

Our ISO 14001 certificate highlights the steps we already have in place and our intention to make improvements across our organisation to minimise the impact on the environment. Some of the principles we adopt include the integration of environmental management into each aspect of our day to day business operation to ensure environmental issues are addressed.

What are some of the ISO 14001 steps implemented by Blue Frontier?

The ISO 14001 process ensures that from the top down our organisation is committed to reducing our environmental impact. The ISO 14001 process helps us to meet customer expectations, think outside the box with regards to environmental performance and set the standard within our industry.

Resource utilisation

Resource utilisation including saving paper, water, electricity and stationary conservation, green kitchen areas using eco-friendly cleaning products, waste paper recycling and the correct disposal of waste computers and accessories.

Waste disposal

Responsible disposal of waste into the correct receptacles and keeping a record of waste transfer notes to monitor the destination of recycling and landfill waste.

Environmental process

Continue to monitor, manage and update our environmental management process.

Fire management

Maintain a full fire management plan to aid the prevention and control of fires.

Blue Frontier's procedures

Ensure all employees are competent in the tasks they undertake and abide with the requirements of Blue Frontier environmental procedures.

Businesses and industries around the world continue to make improvements in response to environmental challenges

At Blue Frontier, we demonstrate that we have an audited management system in ISO 14001 to help us stay ahead of the changes and position ourselves to provide suppliers and customers with proof that we comply with the latest regulations and best practices.

What changes can businesses expect?

It is inevitable that businesses are going to undergo further changes in terms of government environmental legislation. Getting ahead of the curve and being proactive in addressing the issue is the way forward, and having undergone the process of being ISO 14001 certified Blue Frontier can provide a consultancy service ahead of an audit.

We can support with:

  • Policy Writing
  • Gap Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Training
  • Information Management Systems
  • Systems Implementation

If you’re looking for an ISO 14001 consultant who is ISO certified, experienced and has the insight of what is required in terms of process and documentation, our dedicated team are happy to help you lay the foundations for obtaining a certificate.

ISO 14001 certification benefits

The main benefit of our ISO 14001 certificate is that our organisation is taking more responsibility for the impact we have on the environment, which has perhaps never been more important. ISO 14001 has proven to be an excellent framework to help us to improve our environmental standards within our business and has helped us to raise awareness amongst our employees and stakeholders.

Why work with us?

Any client who chooses to collaborate with Blue Frontier can do so in the knowledge that we go above and beyond the legal requirements expected of us when it comes to the environment. We continue to review our policy and seek to find areas where we can improve our environmental performance and make the most of any opportunities to be more efficient.

Blue Frontier is a future focused business and by being considerate of our surroundings and doing everything we can to operate efficiently, we strengthen our position to win new business. Aside from the cost savings in waste, recycling and consumption, ISO 14001 is also compatible with our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certificates, demonstrating our commitment across the board to being a trusted service provider.

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