ISO 27001 Certified Company

Our entire business follows an information security management framework to protect company and customer data.

Blue Frontier utilises an information security management system (ISMS) to safeguard customer data

ISO 27001 is an international information security standard, which demonstrates that as a business, we follow best practice to ensure that company, client and consumer data remains protected.

As an IT service provider, we maintain ISMS to minimise the risk of a security breach and to prevent any legal or business continuity implications. We have a number of policies and procedures in place to keep information secure, regardless of format. Through our documented system of controls, risks are identified and reduced to give our clients confidence about data security.

We maintain our ISO 27001 certification to increase the reliability and security of our systems and processes, which in turn refines the resilience of Blue Frontier as a business. Our ISMS measures improve customer and business partner confidence in our services.

What are the ISO 27001 Process Stages?

The ISO 27001 process gives organisations confidence that their data is secure and that any threats are minimised. Some of the stages required to achieve ISMS certification include:

  • Assessment of potential risks to your business and identifying areas of vulnerability.
  • Implementation of a management system that covers the entire organisation and how information is stored.
  • Maintain a process to manage future information security policy.
  • Make employees and third parties aware of data security risk and incident reporting process.
  • The monitoring of system activity and the logging of user activity.
  • Keeping IT systems updated, secure and controlling system access.

At Blue Frontier, we maintain a variety of internal policies to safeguard customer data. This includes, but is not limited to, mobile devices, media disposal, anti-malware, software management and a clear desk & screen policy. Our ISO 27001 certificate demonstrates our commitment to delivering a professional service to all of our clients.

Benefits of our ISO 27001 certificate for our customers

ISO 27001 is not a guarantee that information breaches will not occur but does provide a steadfast process to reduce risk and keep disruption to a minimum. Our ISMS certification is a demonstration to our customers that everything possible is in place to prevent information from falling into unauthorised hands and, that all of our information is accurate and accessible only to authorised users.

Our ISO 27001 certificate indicates that Blue Frontier has undergone an independent assessment of an international standard and that we have carefully evaluated the risks of a data breach and steps are in place to mitigate this. We use the ISMS framework to consider security risks, management processes and to assist us in keeping IT systems up to date.

We believe our ISO 27001 certification, alongside our Cyber Essentials Plus certificate, demonstrates our robust security practices, which gives us a competitive advantage. Stakeholders are able to collaborate with Blue Frontier knowing that any valuable information is handled with a great deal of care and that we act completely responsibly with any form of data.

Require an ISO 27001 Consultant?  

We understand the stringent requirements of a successful ISMS and have insight into effective methods for implementing the procedures and working practices required. We are in the unique position of implementing technical architecture and data management systems on a daily basis, both of which form essential elements in obtaining ISO certification.

We provide a flexible ISO 27001-consultancy service, and as the processes required to meet the ISO standards require clear and detailed documentation, we can help organisations implement guidelines to follow.


Our ISO knowledge will help you to remain secure and free from attack, while educating and encouraging staff to follow best practice around the use of external drives, safe internet browsing, and strong passwords.

We can support with:

  • Policy Writing
  • Gap Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Training
  • Information Management Systems
  • Systems Implementation

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