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6 Benefits of Running SEO and PPC Campaigns Together

Date Monday, 09 February 2015 Michael Bunn , In: Digital Marketing

6 Benefits of Running SEO and PPC Campaigns Together

SEO and PPC are frequently regarded as two completely separate marketing strategies. Many business owners have the view that if they are already performing well through one of these approaches, the other is not necessary.

Although PPC and SEO have many differences, both are forms of the same line of attack – search marketing. There are a number of benefits that come with running both SEO and PPC campaigns simultaneously, working together to complement each other and form a more successful search marketing strategy.

1 – Organic Search Can Be Unpredictable Compared With Paid Search

With Google constantly making changes to their algorithms, organic rankings can change significantly within a short space of time. A site could rank in top positions for many competitive keywords one week, and not be found anywhere near the first page the next due to an update.

With these fluctuations often unforeseen, the lack of a page 1 appearance can be avoided if you are running paid ads in addition. Ad Rank is generally fairly consistent, so long as you have your ads set up and managed with the right blend of budget and quality score in place. In this scenario, by not placing all your eggs in one basket (in this case, SEO), you will still have the other to fall back on and give you that all important first page visibility.

2 – Double Your Visibility

One of the great advantages of running both Google Ads campaigns and an SEO strategy, is the potential to appear more than once on the search results page. This will double the visibility of your site on a page, giving you that extra ammunition to fight for a user’s attention amongst the competition.

A site owner who appears in the top 3 positions organically, may decide there is no point in pursuing with the PPC advertising. What he/she should consider however, is that the top few results on a results page are paid ads. Meaning the user could see your site listed twice, within the top 6 results or so on the page.

3 – Receive Greater Click Through & Site Traffic

With added visibility in search results pages, comes higher potential for clicks through to your website. This extra traffic means a higher proportion of users or consumers will see your products or services listed on your site.

4 – Greater Opportunity For Conversions

Receiving more visitors on your website, in turn, presents greater opportunity for leads and conversions, whether this be an online purchase or telephone call to enlist your services. Assuming your landing pages are enticing to a user and fulfil their needs and requirements, conversions could sky rocket from the extra visibility and traffic coming in to your site due to the combination of SEO and PPC.

5 – Keyword Data Sharing and Testing

By having both PPC and SEO campaigns running together, you will have twice the data to analyse. This extra data will enable you to make more informed decisions as part of your overall search marketing strategy.

In addition, PPC adverts can be a useful method for testing keywords for use in your organic strategy. Ads can be set up to test how well certain words convert. A decision can then be made whether or not to pursue certain phrases as part of your SEO campaign.

6 – PPC Ad Copy Performance Can Help With Organic Content Plan

As with testing keywords using PPC, it can be useful to see which of your ads are performing well and resulting in the highest conversions in terms of ad copy. By taking examples that are working for PPC, you can then create title tags, meta descriptions and on page content based on these, to try and achieve similar click through success with your organic listings.

Testing elements with PPC is effective due to the immediate results that can be seen. You’ll be able to understand which ads are working and quickly. Whereas testing things like titles and meta data through SEO adjustments can take longer.


As you can see, there are plenty of advantages and benefits in taking an integrated approach to your digital marketing. By focusing on a single area or platform, you are ultimately reducing your potential for that all important visibility, traffic and conversions. PPC and SEO, although different, can really help bring extra online success when implemented alongside each other.

Michael Bunn

Michael Bunn

Digital Director

Mike officially joined Blue Frontier in 2015 when the company acquired Dynamics Digital. Mike was the founder of DD and built the business up single-handedly. He combines genuine, market leading expertise with strong leadership and heads up the Blue Frontier Digital Team. The addition of the skills and experience of DD has meant that Blue Frontier can now offer a full end-to-end digital service. Mike sits on the board of directors, and is instrumental in guiding BF marketing strategy.

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