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A Day in the Life of a Business Development Executive

Date Monday, 02 December 2019 James Roberts , In: DesignDevelopmentDigital Marketing

A Day in the Life of a Business Development Executive

Matt Kerley is Blue Frontier’s Business Development Executive and has a wealth of experience in meeting new clients and exploring the steps they need to take to improve their online presence based on the recommendations of our experienced team.

The role of a Business Development Executive is a busy and varied one. They have the important task of growing the business by acquiring new customers and ensuring that new clients have access to all the products and services they need to perform.

Blue Frontier has grown significantly in recent years and a key part of this has been the involvement of Matt Kerley. Communicating between new clients and with the Developers, Designers and Marketers at the office, Matt has the pivotal role in helping Blue Frontier land new leads in order to keep the company evolving. So, what does the day to day role of a Business Development Executive involve and what are the essential skills required?



What is a Business Development Executive?

We asked Matt to define the role of a Business Development Executive.

“A business development executive generally sits within a company’s sales department. Often the first point of contact for potential new clients, I need to be knowledgeable in all areas of the business and be able to understand and translate a customer’s requirements back to the relevant members of the team.”


What does a typical day look like for a Business Development Executive?

The job role is very varied with new enquiries from a diverse mix of businesses.

Generally, it entails liaising with various team managers to find the best solution to a customer’s needs. Once we have established a recommended approach for the client, a proposal, which outlines our suggestions and associated costs, is written up for the client.

For some clients, a Business Development Executive will be required to attend a project pitch to present the ideas and suggestions we have come up with, and this may involve some additional team members too.

Matt Kerley Business Development


Business Development Executive Skills

Communication sits firmly at the top of the list. With a background in website design, development and digital marketing, Matt has the knowledge and experience to confidently answer customer’s questions and ensure that the team at Blue Frontier understand new project requirements.

“Time management also plays a big part in my role. My calendar is regularly filled with scheduled meetings, phone calls, pitches and more. Being able to stay on top of all enquiries is often one of the biggest challenges!”

Other essential skills for the role include:

  • Socially adept – skilled and proficient in social situations
  • Good with numbers
  • Creative in resolving problems
  • Knowledgeable
  • Attention to detail


What is the difference between business development and marketing/sales?

BDE and Marketing/Sales roles certainly have some cross over. Matt stays in the loop with our internal marketing activities by attending Blue Frontier marketing meetings to remain in touch with any upcoming changes to our marketing strategy. A key aspect of the position is to review and offer an opinion on our own internal processes. We are always looking for ways to improve our working practices and by having regular contact with each of our team, Matt is able to recognise pinch points and suggest alternative methods.


Mk And Jr


What are the main highlights of the job?

Being a Business Development Executive means there are opportunities to work with a real range of businesses and internal teams within Blue Frontier. This diversity keeps the role varied and interesting.

“I never know who I may speak to from day to day, both internally and through incoming enquiries. Some enquiries can be quick to resolve and I have often discussed a solution, agreed a cost and scheduled the work within a few hours. Other leads can require days of research, discussions, planning and presenting ideas prior to bringing a new customer on board. There is never a quiet day!”

“We have a great team at Blue Frontier and I’m lucky enough to get to speak with each of our teams regularly while preparing a response to enquiries. It is rewarding when clients decide to work with us and although my involvement in the process generally ends following a hand off to a project manager, I have a genuine interest in our clients and the projects we deliver.”

James Roberts

James Roberts

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