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Click-to-Message Extension Coming to Google AdWords Ads

Date Wednesday, 19 October 2016 Adam Futcher , In: Digital Marketing

Click-to-Message Extension Coming to Google AdWords Ads

Google AdWords’ new click-to-message mobile ad extensions will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks.

The ad extension has been tested over the last few months, and is now coming out of beta, allowing users to connect with advertisers via SMS text messaging.

While call extensions on PPC ads have been available for years, the message extension will provide another opportunity for users to connect and communicate with businesses. It will be a particularly appealing option for those who like to avoid phone calls, or don’t wish to be put on hold and wait in a queue to be able to talk to the right person.

Click-to-message extensions will be served below the adverts, along with call extensions. Advertisers are able to include and edit a line of call-to-action text to go along with the message icon.

Click to message ad extension

When clicked, the message extension will automatically launch the user’s SMS app on their phone, pre-populated with a suggested text message set up by the advertiser. Advertisers are able to tailor this text, anticipating what their users will be interested in finding out, and helping to save them time in the initial engagement. Of course, users are also able to change the text before sending if they wish.

Any clicks on the message extensions are charged the same as normal clicks on ad headlines or extensions. The extension can be set up at campaign level or ad group level, to appear at whatever time of day the advertiser wishes. An auto-responder text can even be implemented to let users know when to expect a response.

Due to the nature of texting, the click-to-message extension will be a useful option for those who wish to begin engagement with a business and continue with the communication as and when is convenient.

To offer your mobile users even more methods of engaging with your business, click-to-message extensions are certainly something you should consider implementing when rolled out in the coming weeks.

Adam Futcher

Adam Futcher

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