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Creating a Successful YouTube Strategy

Date Thursday, 07 November 2019 Nick Layton , In: Video & Photography

Creating a Successful YouTube Strategy


Having a successful YouTube strategy is about creating content that resonates with your audience. Google prioritises rich, unique multimedia content and so a video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results than a traditional web page. You don’t need a huge budget or the finest filming and editing equipment, all you need is a smartphone, a Wi-Fi connection and an idea. Here’s our handy 6-point guide to ensure more people tune into your brand via video content on YouTube.


Use your audiences' time wisely.

Whatever your channel's theme, you are inviting yourself into other people’s busy schedules. Ask yourself this simple question: Would I watch this video if I were someone else? If you don't think you would spend a minute watching and listening to your content, spare a thought for your audience.

Most people who watch YouTube will wait a short time and lose patience if the feature or benefit that was highlighted in the video's title or description isn’t touched on within a minute. Videos that spend an age getting to the main focus of the piece will turn people off fast.


Create and build consistency.

People love the familiarity of routine, and often they will have several key events they always look forward to during the week, whether this is a TV show they love to watch being on every Wednesday evening or the release of their favourite YouTube channel's new video! By building this level of loyalty and excitement in your audience, you can maintain a successful YouTube presence.

A short snappy ident and stylish, consistent content which evolves over time can help build a strong subscriber base. Remember to also involve your audience as much as possible by engaging with their thoughts and feelings on the subject matters you discuss.

Creating a regular time slot also means that the day or days on which you choose to release your videos will be when your audience expect a brand new video from you, so they are more likely to head straight to your channel on these designated posting days to eagerly consume your content.


There’s no such thing as a free video.

This is tricky and comes under 'quid pro quo' territory. You’ve given your time, so don’t be afraid to remind your audience that subscribing or liking your video means they are ideally placed to access more content when it comes. People need a gentle reminder.

YouTube Strategy

Your thumbnail is the shop window of your brand.

Charlotte Web Design

This is can be the most overlooked element of any branding activity. YouTube offers you a free random, mid quality frame from the video to display as the thumbnail. We wholeheartedly recommend creating your own. We suggest displaying an impactful image and adding a title or at least text, which poses a question or makes people think. is a great source of images and text which can easily be combined for a Youtube friendly thumbnail.

How many times have you walked past a shop, looked in the window and thought, I will NEVER go in there? The same is exactly true of an uninspiring thumbnail. Bring some colour and some bold text to make your thumbnail stand out from the crowd. The odd colourful adjective, such as ‘stunning’, ‘magnificent’ or ‘amazing’ is going to turn people’s heads, and you can chart the impact this has on your video using Google’s analytic tools. 

Another essential element is the descriptive text below your videos. It has to be inviting. It has to give people a reason to click. Images, text and finally, vital keywords and any transcribed text are all significant hooks that will bring people into your YouTube channel. 

Build an audience gradually and use analytics to monitor changes to your channel.

Reviewing YouTube Stats

If you’re an overnight sensation, congratulations, you’ve made it, but most YouTube channels start small and increase with subscribers and likes over time. Either way, holding onto an audience is key.

We've just covered thumbnails and keywords, but YouTube beta studio has a mountain of data that will help in numerous ways, and seeing which videos create a buzz and which don't, is key. You can view real-time activity and monitor which of your videos are viewed the longest. The more you become familiar with analytics, the more you really understand what works for your YouTube channel.

YouTube Stats Give Insight

Each line here represents a video view. Typical spikes occur if social media posts direct traffic towards your video or if people are searching for relevant terms. From a tweak in the description, a change of keywords, to a new thumbnail image, you can decipher which changes work to your benefit. When you see a spike in views you will know you're doing something right!

Your YouTube channel's home screen should be an inviting place with striking branding and imagery. Likewise, creating a library of rich content adds to your standing within YouTube. And of course, adding content gives people the impression of activity and creates further interest. 

Blue Frontier YouTube

Build a YouTube presence for your company.

Nobody is expecting you to create a video to the standard of the BBC – yet! That's not what YouTube is about.

The most successful videos are often shot with the most basic equipment, but they almost always involve a level of fun and enthusiasm that transcends boundaries. 

In every organisation, there tends to be someone who has the verve and enthusiasm to get your project over the line. Start small, pick a 10-20 second subject matter, and make it count.

YouTube Videography Service

Finally, ignore the doubters. There’s a statistic doing the rounds: More content was uploaded to YouTube in the last 30 days than was made during the first 30 years of US Television, so if so many people are giving it a try, why not you? YouTube is the second most searched site, and Google now prioritises video content higher than other forms of content. 

Our Top Tips:

  • Embed your video on your website
  • Boost your organic SEO by increasing dwell time on your pages
  • Avoid a hard sell and distribute helpful tips, tricks and insights
  • Put your best, liveliest people in front of the camera
  • Encourage viewers to get involved

YouTube is a highly creative platform which empowers and engages, so with the right approach, your company can carve out a home in the YouTube sphere and promote your brand effectively to a potentially vast audience.


We can help!

At Blue Frontier, we offer an expert video production service. Our in-house videographer can produce a variety of forms of video for you - from music videos, corporate productions, to educational videos and animation.

We also have graphic design specialists who can help you design your YouTube banners and branding, and digital marketing professionals who can provide you with excellent insight into your potential audience and how to effectively engage with them. To find out more, head over to our contact page or call 02382354320 or email

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