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Facebook Launch Creative Hub to Help Marketers Get the Most from Ads

Date Thursday, 01 December 2016 Adam Futcher , In: Social MediaDigital Marketing

Facebook Launch Creative Hub to Help Marketers Get the Most from Ads

Facebook has launched a new online platform called Creative Hub, for marketers, brands or anyone else involved in the creation of Facebook and Instagram ads.

Creative Hub is designed to give advertisers a better understanding of the ad formats available to them, and help them to build more effective ads, particularly in terms of mobile advertising.

The new platform allows brands and marketers to:

  • Find inspiration and ideas for their ads from other brands

  • Design and mock-up their own ads

  • Share mocked-up ads with team members

  • Preview ads as they would appear once live

Creative Hub was introduced back in June to be tested with a select group of creative agencies. The platform has now been opened up for use by marketers and advertisers around the globe.

Creative Hub for Inspiration

Creative Hub features an Inspiration Gallery, where users can discover the work of other brands on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Creative Hub for Inspiration

You’re able to look through for inspiration across the range of ad formats including:

  • 360 video

  • Carousel

  • Canvas

  • Video

  • Slideshow

  • Image

This allows marketers to see the options available to them and visual examples to help build a strategy of their own.

Mock-up Your Ads

You can create mock-ups of your ads in Creative Hub, using any of the ad formats that are available on Facebook or Instagram. Your ad creations can be saved and returned to at a later date for tweaking.

Facebook Creative Hub Advert Mock Ups

This is where marketers can play around with ideas to help them create ads that are perfect for their Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Collaboration & Sharing of Ads

The mocked-up ads can be shared with other members of your team. This is a useful feature for encouraging collaboration in the creation of ads, as well as for sharing with those who may have the final say before an ad goes live.

See How Your Ads Will Appear

Once you’ve designed and created your ad mock-ups, you can preview the ad as it would appear on a user’s Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed.

This is an important feature as it’s vital to know how your ads will be delivered to your target audience.

A URL can be generated, so these ads in a live environment can be shared with team members or clients to give them an exact example of how they will appear.

Facebook’s Creative Hub should be a useful tool for advertisers on both Facebook and Instagram. The platform makes creating ad mock-ups simple, and offers great features for tweaking and previewing ads as well as seeking inspiration.

Adam Futcher

Adam Futcher

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