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Google AdWords Rolls Out Expanded Text Ads, Responsive Display Ads & Device Bid Adjustments

Date Wednesday, 27 July 2016 Adam Futcher , In: Digital Marketing

Google AdWords Rolls Out Expanded Text Ads, Responsive Display Ads & Device Bid Adjustments

Google have officially launched three new updates to Google AdWords as of 26th July 2016 – Expanded text ads, responsive display ads, and device bid adjustments. The new features have begun rolling out to AdWords advertisers worldwide, and are intended to help marketers succeed in today’s mobile-first world.

Expanded Text Ads Have Arrived

After Google’s original announcement of expanded text ads, we have been awaiting news on their arrival ever since. With the roll out of the new ad format, advertisers will now be able to write longer and more informative and enticing adverts.

Expanded text ads comprise of two headlines of up to 30 characters each, and a description of no more than 80 characters. This means almost a 50% increase in ad text (compared to standard ads) to help attract users to your products and services.

As of 26th October 2016, it will no longer be possible to create or edit standard text ads. Update 14th September 2016: Google have now extended this deadline until 31st January 2017 to give marketers more time to learn how to effectively use the new format.

Until then, existing standard text ads will continue to run alongside extended text ads. This provides the opportunity to test your expanded text ads against your current standard text ads, and make necessary tweaks and adjustments before turning off or deleting your standard ads.

Google’s best practises for writing expanded text ads:

  • Create and test multiple expanded text ads for each ad group, and evaluate performance before pausing or deleting your standard text ads
  • Remember to include important information about your business and other tried-and-true components from your standard text ads, like price and keyword insertion
  • Focus on your headlines: they’re the most prominent part of your text ad

Responsive Display Ads

The new responsive display ads are adverts that will automatically adjust depending on the screen size or device that they’re being displayed on across the Google Display Network.

Advertisers are required to provide a short 25 character headline, a longer 90 character headline, a description of up to 90 characters, an image, and a landing page URL. From this Google will generate ads that are displayed and fit in seamlessly across the Google Display Network, no matter what kind of device is being used to view them.

Device Bid Adjustments

Advertisers now have the option to adjust bidding based on individual devices – mobile devices, tablets, and computers. This provides more flexibility to optimise for performance at device level.

To help with device bidding, AdWords users can make use of Smart Bidding, Google’s automated bidding tool, in order to set more informed bids and get the most out of budgets.

The roll out of device bidding will occur over several months before it reaches all AdWords accounts.

These new AdWords updates are designed to help marketers and consumers get more success from Google’s advertising in the mobile-first world. There are likely to be even more features and releases in the future that aim to further contribute to this cause.

Adam Futcher

Adam Futcher

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