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LinkedIn Launches Content Search Feature on its Android & iOS Mobile Apps

Date Friday, 26 August 2016 Adam Futcher , In: Social MediaDigital Marketing

LinkedIn Launches Content Search Feature on its Android & iOS Mobile Apps

LinkedIn has updated its Android and iOS mobile apps with a new feature in the search tool.

Users will now be able to search by topic and hashtags to find related content and professional knowledge that’s been posted on the social network by other members in their feed or third-parties.

Although LinkedIn is a platform where members can share perspectives, opinions or knowledge, it was previously not very easy to actually discover other members’ posts or articles.

Posts and content will now become simpler to find and more easily accessible. Members can now:

New Linkedin Search Feature
  • Search by topic keywords (e.g. digital marketing, business blogging, augmented reality) to discover related content within their feed. Results will now include posts written about the topics, alongside the usual related people and jobs etc. separated into tabs.

  • Use hashtags (e.g. #digitalmarketing, #businessblogging, #augmentedreality) to discover related posts, and make their own posts more discoverable. Much like Twitter, hashtags are searchable and tappable, leading to search results of posts including the same hashtag. Any post including a hashtag will automatically become publicly available unless privacy settings are modified.

The content search feature is available to English speaking members on iOS and Android LinkedIn apps, and is due to be launched to members on all platforms in the coming weeks and months.

LinkedIn have said this enhancement to its search feature is just the beginning, with plans to make search even more useful and effective for its members. For now, this step in making sure its content and members’ posts are being indexed and searchable, should prove to be beneficial for the platform and its users.

Adam Futcher

Adam Futcher

Digital Marketer

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