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Microsoft Exchange - Why Go Hosted?

Date Thursday, 01 May 2014 , By: Marc Whittingham , In: Technical

Cost Purchasing and running an in-house Exchange Server is a very expensive proposition, requiring a large capital investment for hardware, software and user licensing.

The subscription model moves this cost into a predictable monthly framework with no unpredictable hardware to go wrong, no unpredictable support costs, and need to maintain the system, or backup the data as all of this is handled by the provider on your behalf.


Reputable hosting providers invest heavily in security (far more than most businesses could afford to do for themselves) and have teams of engineers 24/7 dedicated to maintaining, updating and migrating users to newer, more secure platform as they become available, removing the need for costly maintenance tasks and other peripheral support costs while fully preserving your peace of kind about the integrity, and security of your data.


For most SME’s Hosted Exchange offers everything they require in term of mail services, delivered in a familiar and easy to manage interface. The feature set offered by hosted Exchange services matches and often exceeds that available with an in-house server and all for a single fixed monthly cost.

Bundled Office Subscription

With Microsoft’s offering, businesses can have access to the latest version of Office as long as they continue to pay the monthly subscription – this takes the form of Microsoft Office Pro Plus which includes the entire suite of Office applications all under one fixed, monthly cost. Furthermore, this can be installed on up to 5 devices per user, making this choice a no-brainer for most small to medium businesses, and for some larger business also. With Office Home and business costing around £200 and Office Professional being around £300 for installation on only 1 machine per license, the subscription model offers your business the license costs savings and flexibility you demand.

Hosted Exchange is not for everyone, but we are finding that more and more customers are switching. Often implementing Hosted Exchange is quick and entirely seamless to end users. If your Server is due for renewal soon, then talk to us in more detail about the pro’s and con’s of hosting your email services in the Cloud, it may well be worth considering.

Marc Whittingham

By: Marc Whittingham

Marc joined Blue Frontier in 2007 and was welcomed to the board of directors in 2016. With industry experience dating back to 2003, he heads up the technical support team with a strong focus on service. As our lead networking and virtualisation engineer, Marc provides the invaluable link between clients and technicians. His incredible versatility is evidenced by his further roles as: Information Security Manager, Data Protection Officer and Quality Assurance Manager.