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Outsourcing Your Social Media

Date Friday, 01 August 2014 Sammy-Jo-Wilsher , In: Social MediaDigital Marketing

Outsourcing Your Social Media

Owners of businesses will often find themselves giving hours and hours of their time carrying out jobs and tasks that could be simply assigned to others. This leaves them working double the time they could be, going against many strategists’ advice to delegate as many non-critical tasks as possible in order to maximise time.

This extra work they take on may frequently include attempting to manage social media for the business. By outsourcing this social media work, you can be sure of a top quality strategy without having to worry about sacrificing hours out of your week.

What Can Outsourcing Mean for Budget?

For business owners, keeping a constant eye on budgets comes with the job, especially those businesses running on a very tight budget. Owners like to get as much as possible for their money, and quite understandably so.

An in-house marketing team can often find their budget used up elsewhere within the business, or face unexpected costs, which they have no control over – the need to purchase software for measuring their social media efforts for instance. With these costs it can be easy to go over budget before even finishing planned social media tasks.

By outsourcing your social media marketing your budgets can be easier to manage. You know exactly what you will be spending beforehand allowing you to make plans in accordance with this. Unexpected or unavoidable costs like unforeseen software purchases are avoided. You can be safe in the knowledge that this budget will be used exclusively for the social media and not have to be eaten into by other business efforts.

Bring in the Experts

It is more than likely that a business owner’s area of knowledge will lie within a different niche other than social media marketing. You wouldn't take on the plumbing tasks in your own office if you knew nothing about plumbing, the same should apply for the business’ social media strategy.

More often than not, the youngest member of a team is given the responsibility of taking on the social media management for a company just because he/she knows how to post on Facebook or Twitter. It’s these businesses that don’t achieve what they should be using this marketing method. Social media management requires more thought than simply writing a tweet or uploading a photo to Facebook occasionally. Used correctly it can be extremely powerful in helping a business to grow.

As experts in their field, companies offering social media services know what they are doing, what works for successful engagement and gaining business leads through these platforms. In the same way that you don’t need to know all about plumbing to hire a plumber, you don’t need to understand everything there is to the management of social media, so long as you appoint someone who does.

So, the outsourcing of your social media can prove an extremely effective business decision, not only freeing up valuable time to business owners but getting the most out of your budget from a team who will get you the results you set out for.

If you’re interested in outsourcing your social media marketing, please take a look at the services Dynamics are able to offer in this field and feel free to get in touch with us.



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