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A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer

Date Wednesday, 14 August 2019 Amy Bennett , In: Development

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a Software Engineer? Your imagination may be full of stereotypes about IT professionals and tech geeks highlighted in TV shows such as ‘The IT Crowd’ or ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

But actually the role of a Software Engineer is pretty cool, requiring a sharp analytical mind, savvy problem-solving skills and a lot of patience to be able to code in a language, that to the untrained eye can look like something out of ‘The Matrix’.

In this digital era, the role of a Software Engineer can lead you into a long and rewarding career, that is diverse and always in demand.

Daniel Young has been working as a Software Engineer at Blue Frontier since October 2018 and tells us what it’s like to work in this field, his skill set and his role here at Blue Frontier.

 Dan - Blue Frontier Software Engineer


What is a Software Engineer?

A software engineer basically describes to a computer how to solve a problem using a programming language.

The role is wide-ranging, covering anything from writing new software to fixing bugs and writing documentation to address the specific needs of clients, organisations or departments.

During the lifespan of a project, a Software Engineer can act as consultant, researcher or developer, giving analytic and technical advice and assisting in the implementation of new technologies and practices.

A common confusion is the difference between a Software Developer and an Engineer. A Developer is a driving force behind the programs themselves, tasked with creating the code. Whereas an Engineer is responsible for designing and creating software solutions and connecting the clients’ needs.

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What does a typical day look like for a Software Engineer?

Each day really is different, a Software Engineer can play a range of roles in an assortment of tasks. Work is usually focused around projects, and depending on the stage of the project the nature of the work evolves. From meetings, understanding requirements, development, picking user stories, implementation and testing - this keeps the role interesting and ever-changing.


Software Engineer Skills

If you are thinking about becoming a Software Engineer, these are just some of the skills you may need:

  • Computer programming and coding skills – here are some of the most popular languages:
    • Java / JavaScript
    • C#/.NET
    • SQL
    • Python
    • Go
    • Kotlin
    • Ruby
    • PHP
  • Software development
    • Design, test and develop software to meet client needs
  • Using Open Source tools
  • Creating and maintaining cloud-based systems and large scale data stores
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Problem solving and testing
  • Good communication skills
  • Working independently and in teams

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Why are there different programming languages?

The main function of a computer program is to solve a problem with a set of instructions (code). Although all languages such as Java, Python or .NET do serve the same end purpose they all have their own special functionality.

There is no single programming language that can create everything needed – which is why a range of languages have been created for different functionalities, such as computer games, website development, Android apps, iOS apps, Microsoft apps, statistical analysis, or handling big data and more.

If you are interested in working for Blue Frontier and developing a role in the tech industry, why not take a look at our current job opportunities. 

Dan Software Engineer Blue Frontier

Daniel Young

Software Engineer

“I like the varied nature of the projects that I get to work on as a Software Engineer at Blue Frontier. The office atmosphere is great, and everyone is nice and welcoming!”

Shaun Development Manager Blue Frontier

Shaun Dobie

Development Manager

“There are always numerous projects going on at Blue Frontier, which a Software Engineer plays a variety of roles in. Our Software Engineers will participate in the development lifecycle, providing technical expertise and experience, using open source tools and projects to deliver the client vision in the best available method.”



Amy Bennett

Amy Bennett

Digital Marketer

Amy started at Blue Frontier in 2018. After graduating with a degree in Fashion Promotion & Illustration, she worked as a Graphic Designer. Favouring the fast-paced nature of Digital Marketing, she now specialises in content and social media. Amy brings a hugely visually creative aspect to her work and enjoys delivering engaging digital marketing solutions for her clients.

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