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The Power of a Strong Christmas Marketing Campaign

Date Tuesday, 01 December 2020 Hugo Matthews , In: Digital Marketing

The Power of a Strong Christmas Marketing Campaign

It's not too late to kickstart your Christmas marketing campaign! With the current circumstances surrounding COVID–19, an online presence and having a good marketing campaign is more important than ever.

A strong Christmas marketing campaign offers far more than just the opportunity to increase sales. A unique and meaningful Christmas campaign can also help boost brand awareness and your online following.

The Power of a Strong Christmas Marketing Campaign

John Lewis is an exceptional example of how a solid marketing campaign can increase brand loyalty and awareness. Last year, as part of their Christmas marketing campaigns, they released an advert that was not only in the festive spirit but had an engaging and emotional storyline that resulted in 74,000 engagements across different social media platforms.

3 Top Tips for Optimising Your Marketing Campaigns This Christmas

One way in which you can massively help boost online sales during the Christmas period and increase the success of your Christmas marketing campaign is by optimising your Google Ads.

1. Anticipate what your audience is going to be searching for

The ad search results can be a very competitive environment at the best of times, especially when all types of business are targeting the same areas. One way in which you can try and get ahead of the competition is by targeting words that your audience is going to be searching for and then contextualising them to fit in with Christmas search terms. This may mean using words like “Christmas coffee presents” or “coffee gifts for Christmas”.

2. Be creative with your landing pages

Once you have chosen your new Christmas AdWords and you have got them running, try and continue this festive theme with the design on your landing pages, this may include things like altering the colours on your website, adding in some new features/animations or even adding some festive images.

Once a customer is on your landing page, make sure your CTAs are very clear and visible, not only will this help reduce your bounce rate but the customer is a lot more likely to convert.

3. Use retargeting

Using retargeting/remarketing ads, you can engage customers who have previously visited your site. You can use this opportunity to promote Christmas items they might be interested in and any promotions you have to encourage them to make a purchase.

On the run-up to Christmas, most shoppers will be looking for gifts and presents, however, after Christmas, a lot of shoppers will be looking to catch those New Year sales and offers which means that retargeting after Christmas is just as important to boost sales.

In 2019, John Lewis brought their marketing campaign to life through sharing it on different platforms, which garnered high levels of engagement and helped contribute towards their online sales over the Christmas period, increasing sales by 12.8%. They also monetised their campaign further by creating merchandise, such as selling Edgar the toy dragon who featured in their Christmas marketing campaign. They likely chose to do this as a lot of customers would have made an emotional connection with the story and Edgar's character. Check out some of UK’s leading Christmas marketing campaigns below;

Argos | The Book of Dreams

Ikea | Silence The Critics

Sainsbury’s | Nicholas The Sweep

Greenpeace | Turkey VS Potato

Through the medium of a strong Christmas marketing campaign, you can really captivate your audience, boost engagement and grow your following. If you would like support with getting your campaign up and running, contact one of our experts today.


Hugo Matthews

Hugo Matthews

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