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The Rise of Stories on Social Media

Date Tuesday, 23 March 2021 Wiktoria Niedbala , In: Social Media

The Rise of Stories on Social Media

Started by Snapchat but popularized by Instagram, the Stories format is on the rise and may soon surpass the popularity of feed-based posts. With more than 1.12 billion users across Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp, there are plenty of potential customers consuming or creating Stories. Other platforms including LinkedIn and even Airbnb are following the lead and are also implementing this type of content. This opens up a new way for businesses to share their message and reach their target audience.

Monetising Stories Content

Instagram has released new methods of monetizing Stories (Stories Ads), new ways to engage with Stories (Music Sharing Options, Countdown Stickers), and new ways of sharing Stories (Close Friends). When it comes to businesses, over 50% of organizations create Instagram Stories monthly and this number is expected to increase over the next few years [1].


How Businesses Can Adapt to This Change

Businesses are shifting their content creation from feeds to Stories in order to stay relevant to their audience. This being said, you shouldn’t completely abandon your current marketing strategy if it works for your audience - stories can be a great addition but should not be your only focus.

Stories- like any other content type- require a good strategy if they are to help your business and marketing goals. Find out what it is that your audience wants to see on Stories to tailor all the creative ideas in the best way possible for them. Test different types of content to maximise your appeal and see what works best.

The Future for Stories

Despite its origins, Stories are now becoming more polished and, consequently, more time is spent creating them. Programs and apps such as Unfold are now available for individuals and companies to perfect the look of their Stories.


LinkedIn Story feature

Pete Davies, LinkedIn's head of Consumer Products, says that LinkedIn was looking for a new way for members to interact in a professional context that’s not too heavy [2] when introducing the new Stories feature. They offer an easier way of sharing an update, which doesn’t have to be too polished and perfect. Being a new feature, businesses may be wary of using it at first, however, it is a great opportunity to showcase your business in a new way and engage with your audience like you have never before.

Q&A Stories

It is highly beneficial for any business to make sure their audience and customers know their products or services. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using Stories. You can plan and film the Q&A session and post it via Stories when you are happy with the way it looks.


Share User-Generated Content

Posting your customers' testimonials or other related content is an effective way of building trust between the audience and your brand. It is also one of the easiest ways of publishing engaging content for your users.

Share a Journey

The sequential nature of Stories is perfect to display a journey, which could be anything from the creation of your product, company, new service etc.


Include a CTA

Whether it’s a Buy Now or Become a Member, a call to action button is what will increase your conversion rates.


Create Highlights With Your Stories

Although the original nature of stories is for them to disappear after 24hours, you can save them by adding them to your Instagram highlights making the content constantly available for your audience.

Introducing Stories to your marketing strategy just makes sense. Social media engagement data shows that Stories are how the next generation of social media users communicate with each other [3]. LinkedIn Stories will be yet another channel to demonstrate your brand’s/ business’ creativity and authenticity in a way that’ll build and nurture your professional relationships.

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Wiktoria Niedbala

Wiktoria Niedbala

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