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Managing Director at Blue Frontier

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James started Blue Frontier in 2005 with business partner Luke Harrington. As managing director, James is responsible for matters from finance and business strategy to creating and passing down an ethos of integrity and ambition.

Under James’ watch, Blue Frontier has grown year on year, meeting huge financial milestones, opening new offices, and rapidly expanding the team. He actively promotes the personal growth of staff and takes special care to ensure everyone has plenty of opportunities and feels valued.

James is always looking to drive Blue Frontier forward for the benefit of the staff and clients we work with. He willingly works with the team to identify areas for improvement, whether this means re-evaluating how he carries out his own role or providing extra training or support for staff.

James Fry

What are your favourite things about Blue Frontier?

We have an extraordinary team of talented, supportive and highly motivated people. I also love that as a business we contribute. Whether in terms of generating wealth for the economy, helping our clients grow, or in developing technology to support vulnerable people and communities in other parts of the world, we are helping to make a positive difference.

What does your Blue Frontier role involve?

My role as managing director encompasses financial responsibility, growth strategy, escalation of problems involving clients, staff, projects and facilities, establishing, maintaining and promoting our core values, and mentoring and supporting the internal team.

What would your dream project be?

Having seen how much a business can grow with the right approach and hard work, I would enjoy acquiring a new business, taking on the roles of owner and analyst.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

In my spare time I play squash, collect rare whiskies, like to go walking, have an interest in cuisine (consumption not creation!), and I enjoy being a parent and supporting my children in their various activities.


Everyone at Blue Frontier has skills and expertise to offer to the benefit of our company and clients.

  • PR & Presentation
  • Communication & Negotiation
  • Relationship Management
  • Business Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Blue Frontier are accredited with Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Blue Frontier are a Silver Microsoft Partner
  • Blue Frontier is a G-Cloud Supplier
  • ISO 27001 ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001 ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485 ISO 13485
  • ISO 14001 ISO 14001