Meet Mike Bunn_

Digital Director at Blue Frontier

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As the digital director at Blue Frontier, Mike leads the digital team and manages an assortment of contracts within the business, focusing on SEO and PPC.

Mike joined the team in 2015 after his company Dynamics Digital was acquired by Blue Frontier. Prior to this, Blue Frontier had a longstanding business relationship with Mike, benefiting from his industry-leading digital marketing expertise.

By joining the team, Mike brought with him the knowledge and experience required for Blue Frontier to offer a full end-to-end digital service. Mike’s understanding of how businesses operate and how digital marketing services can help them drive sales and promote brand awareness makes him an excellent contact for any business looking to improve their online presence.

Mike Bunn

What are your favourite things about Blue Frontier?

The team at Blue Frontier is incredible, everyone really cares about one another and the work they do, and there is a great atmosphere of support that I truly value.

What does your Blue Frontier role involve?

My role consists of managing and training my team, acting as a source of support when needed, and driving web traffic and sales for client sites as well as our own. I also play a significant role in building relationships with new and existing clients.

What would your dream project be?

I thoroughly enjoy competitor research, carrying out audits, structuring and planning sites, and implementing key SEO practices to transform a brand’s online visibility. My dream is to keep doing this to a high standard for a variety of new clients!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I like to spend time with my family, I enjoy football and fishing, I love cooking a BBQ, and watching films.


Everyone at Blue Frontier has skills and expertise to offer to the benefit of our company and clients.

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Development
  • PR & Presentation
  • Data Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Conversions Rate Optimisation
  • Website Audits/Campaign Planning
  • Blue Frontier are accredited with Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Blue Frontier are a Silver Microsoft Partner
  • Blue Frontier is a G-Cloud Supplier
  • ISO 27001 ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001 ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485 ISO 13485
  • ISO 14001 ISO 14001