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Blue Frontier's First Huddle

Date Friday, 15 March 2019 , By: Nick Layton , In: Company News

At Blue Frontier, we recently held our first 'Huddle' session which saw the team share new ideas and internal expertise. There was a great turnout with members from all departments attending and contributing, including our developers, designers, digital marketers, technicians and test analysts. To kick-off the meeting, we asked guest speaker and software analyst Simon Hargreaves to give a talk on his experience implementing AI in different workplace applications.

Simon’s background is in the travel and financial industries, where real-time call centre data analysis involves instantaneous speech to text data translation and forecasting success rates within seconds of a call finishing. In finance, the ability to study financial algorithms is changing the way financing is conducted on a global scale. Naturally, the discussion turned to harnessing the power of AI internally at Blue Frontier.

During the session, brain fuel was provided in the form of pizza and our two offices were connected via a large screen video link.

Simon and Charlie
Develops Chat
Brain food
Teams exchanging ideas


Blue Frontier Continues to Grow

To ensure that we are utilising any new skills and expertise coming into the company as well as developing technologies, our commitment is to create an environment in which new colleagues feel comfortable sharing their knowledge and ideas. The Huddle is designed to encourage personal development and help the individuals here connect and learn from one another as well as challenge themselves. It also provides an opportunity for the different teams to integrate and come together to discuss the projects they are working on and how they can support one another.

At Blue Frontier, we are constantly researching emerging technologies and how they can be practically applied to improve the services we offer and the solutions we deliver for our clients.

We are all looking forward to the next Huddle. Keep an eye on our website for an update on the next session!

Nick Layton

By: Nick Layton

Nick joined Blue Frontier in November and is looking forward to putting his content writing skills as well as photography and video experience from an IT, travel and retail related background to good use.