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Blue Frontier Sports Day

Date Tuesday, 11 June 2019 Amy Bennett , In: Company News

Blue Frontier Sports Day

Here at Blue Frontier, we are planning our first ever Sports Day!

After work on the 11th July, we’ll be taking part in traditional sports day activities, like the Egg and Spoon Race, Sack Race, 3-Legged Race and Wheelbarrow Race!

We'll even be adding our own special-edition games, like 'Human Hungry Hippos'!

We've been split into 4 teams headed up by our team captains, the Directors:

The Fantastic Frys
Luke's Legends
The Big Bad Bunns
Win With Whittingham


In classic Blue Frontier style, we’ll also be providing a tasty BBQ and drinks to keep everyone’s energy up and spirits high!

Now the teams have been announced, we are busy formulating our strategies and game plans. The names of each contender will be going up on the board against the relevant race so training can commence!


Which do you think will be the winning team?

The Fantastic Frys
Luke’s Legends
The Big Bad Bunns
Win with Whittingham


Let us know if you have any fun suggestions for traditional (and alternative) Sports Day games.

Fingers crossed for good weather!


Amy Bennett

Amy Bennett

Digital Marketer

Amy started at Blue Frontier in 2018. After graduating with a degree in Fashion Promotion & Illustration, she worked as a Graphic Designer. Favouring the fast-paced nature of Digital Marketing, she now specialises in content and social media. Amy brings a hugely visually creative aspect to her work and enjoys delivering engaging digital marketing solutions for her clients.

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