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Learn to use your Joomla or WordPress website

We are able to provide training for Joomla and WordPress at all levels, from novice to professional, meeting any requirement, objective or skill set.

Our team can provide training in a 'real environment' - this means we can train our customers in using their specific website, covering day-to-day tasks and specific requirements.

We offer training on an ad-hoc basis by the hour, half day or full day, and we can structure a course to meet your specific needs.

Our training solutions are highly flexible and are designed to put our customers in control.

We can provide training remotely from our offices or we can provide training for multiple people at your office.

All training is carried out by a highly skilled, fully employed member of our development or design team.

We can cover all aspects from beginner to advanced. We'll draw upon our years of support to cover best-practice along the way, giving website administrators a greater sense of what they can do to keep their website secure, tidy and liked by Google.

Please call us on 01722 744 574 to speak to Rob or Charlotte about our training options.

Rob Jolliffe - Design Manager at Blue Frontier


Design Manager

Grey Speech Marks

I've been providing CMS training to clients since 2012, from remote one-to-one sessions through to small classes, helping businesses and public sector organisations with all areas of training and support

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