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Business Intelligence_

A full data analysis service that provides businesses with the insights needed to make calculated decisions and implement data driven strategies.

Every business is driven by decisions. Imagine if you could leverage the data already at your fingertips to inform those decisions.

Business Intelligence, also known as Descriptive Analytics, is the process of collating and translating data to make well-informed tactical business decisions. An effective BI system enables businesses to accelerate decision making by consolidating multiple sources of data in a singular translated output.

The benefits of implementing a Business Intelligence system can be wide-reaching. Not only can the evidence-based information gathered be used for streamlining internal business processes, driving operational productivity, supporting large commercial decisions and improving business efficiency - BI can also help identify market trends, detect problems and increase revenue.

Our Process_

1 Analysis

Using a wide range of tools, applications and processes, data can be collected from a variety of internal systems and external sources. We then analyse the data by running queries, creating reports, dashboards, plotted data and visuals.

2 Results

From these analytical results, we may be able to identify actionable information and recognise trends, which we highlight to business leaders and executives to help them support business choices, leverage growth and develop data driven strategies.

3 Insights

The process is carefully managed by our Data Analysts, to ensure we drill into data that will give your business the insights and results it needs to develop better tactical business decisions.

Tools we work with_

We can help with_

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modelling data to discover useful information, inform conclusions, and support decision-making.

Reporting Services

Reporting Services

Build custom reports from a variety of data sources, such as SQL databases and other external sources.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Performing a broad range of data migration tasks, using SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) which is a platform for data integration and workflow applications. It features a data-warehousing tool used for data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL).

Process Automation

Process Automation

Business process automation, also known as business automation or digital transformation, is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes. It allows a business to act in a streamlined manner to increase service quality, improve service delivery or manage costs.

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Why us?

By combining data from a complex range of systems and sources, we are able to provide a complete picture which delivers an ‘intelligence’ that is impossible to receive from any single set of data. We offer a collaborative way of working, making sure that we fully understand your needs and requirements to deliver optimum results. No one knows your business better than you, which is why we always initiate a project with an in-depth discussion to ensure that we are all working towards the same objectives.

As an ISO Certified Agency, you can be confident that security and quality assurance will be prioritised throughout the entire project to ensure that high-quality standards are met.

One of the most important reasons to invest in an effective BI system is that such a system can improve efficiency within your organisation and, as a result, help to increase productivity. Use Business Intelligence to share information across different departments in your organisation, for faster and more accurate reporting, analysis and planning. Business Intelligence is about improved data quality, better business decisions, reduced costs and improved customer and employee satisfaction.

Faster and more accurate reporting, analysis or planning; better business decisions; improved employee satisfaction and improved data quality. Other benefits can also include reducing costs, increasing revenues and reducing IT headcount.

James Fry, Managing Director

How Business Intelligence can support other digital services

Our Business Intelligence offering complements the other services we provide. Whether you’re having a website, mobile app, or other product built, it can be extremely beneficial to also have input from our Data Analysts to ensure that the system collates valuable information in a practical format that can be used to make future business decisions.

At Blue Frontier, we deliver Business Intelligence solutions that leverage carefully collated data to help businesses make informed decisions that are both efficient and effective.

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