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Connected Health

Connected Health_

Connected health is an innovation in health management where technology is used to put medical information in the hands of the clinicians in a timely fashion to reduce diagnosis times and improve patient outcomes by enabling treatment to be administered early.

For point of care diagnostic devices it means device manufacturers and administrators of infectious disease programmes can monitor the health of their devices effectively by collating transmitted data to analyse trends and exceptions to ensure quality, precision and consistency in real time.

Ultimately it enables patients and clinicians to make better decisions that can save lives, money and ensure a better quality of life for the patient during and after treatment.

Connected health is being used to great effect throughout the developing world where previously remote testing has been limited due to the time taken from testing, to analysis and diagnosis and finally to treatment. In most cases, the latter came too late... Mothers with HIV are beginning to take great benefit from connected point-of-care devices where young lives had been lost due to the delays in diagnosis and delivery of antivirals to their newborns and now with connectivity, centralised programmes are able to react and manage the problem... delivering results in a matter of minutes and enabling clinicians to administer treatment immediately which has seen lives saved in dramatic numbers.

Another great application for connected health is the detection of infectious diseases, such as Ebola and Zika... with point-of-care testing where results are being transmitted for central analysis, we are able to monitor disease outbreaks throughout the world in real-time to improve our understanding of how disease can spread throughout the world and within local populations to enable proactive control and ultimately eradication and cure.

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