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With more and more online traffic being driven to business through the use of smartphones, this is a growing platform that should be embraced. Blue Frontier can help your business retain a competitive edge with a mobile app that represents your brand in an increasingly popular domain.

We offer expertise in all three of the most popular mobile platforms.

iOS (Apple)

iOS (Apple)

The Apple App Store is central to the Apple ecosystem. Boasting hundreds of thousands of downloadable applications, Apple holds a commanding position in the battle for mobile OS dominance.

A considered approval process means that App store offerings are generally stable and reliable.

Android (Google)

Android (Google)

Google's Android mobile operating system is the other heavyweight in this arena. The open source model and diverse range of handsets make this flexible and powerful tool a developer’s favourite.

There is a wealth of varied and competing handsets using Android and, with the accelerating pace at which new hardware is released, the opportunities to build and market creative, engaging and genuinely useful apps grow daily.

Windows Phone (Microsoft)

Windows Phone (Microsoft)

Windows Phone has achieved critical acclaim and provides an easy transition for Windows developers in to Mobile App development. Microsoft is competing hard on hardware price and continues to use its huge business ecosystem as traction to gain a firm foothold in this market.

When considering creating an App with broad appeal to a wide market, there is a growing argument to support developing a Windows Phone offering.

Should we go native or do cross-platform tools work?

There is no single answer to this. Cross-platform app development can reduce development time and simplify maintenance, thereby offering a substantial cost benefit. On the other hand it can limit the functionality of the delivered project, and at times increase the development process. It is key to consider the merits of the specific project before making a decision. We are able to offer genuine native development skills for each platform and therefore we adopt only the most suitable and efficient solution.

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