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Bring your mobile app to life with engaging design and enhanced functionality to deliver an exceptional experience.

Harness unparalleled visibility by placing your brand at the centre of a user’s digital world. A successful mobile application puts you at the user’s fingertips, on the one device they use more than any other. Whether it’s for consumers, companies or your staff, mobile apps exist for convenience. You want to make their experience effortless, with easy UX, simple functionality, smooth integration and fast loading speeds.

That’s where we come in. We have the design, development and technical expertise to build your app and ensure it fulfils its purpose. Blue Frontier has a dedicated team of mobile app developers who design and build iOS and Android apps to meet your precise specifications. Our developers are experienced in a range of programming languages including, React Native, Maui and Flutter. 

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Built for your users

Our product development team can guide you through the process of creating the perfect app for your target audience. From conceptualisation to completion, we can help bring your app to life. Utilising our knowledge of the latest technologies and research into your users, we'll advise you on the designs and functionality to best deliver your user journeys.

Your app options

When it comes to developing and building your application, there are 2 main operating systems that you can build on - Android and iOS. Both systems have their own vast user base so it is important to identify which platform best suits your target audience. Our developers have a wealth of experience in building apps across both major operating systems, so you can reach as many users as possible.


The App Store is central to Apple’s ecosystem. Boasting hundreds of thousands of downloadable applications, Apple is a dominant factor to consider when building a mobile app.

Android App

Google's Android operating system provides an open source model on a diverse range of handsets, making this system both flexible and powerful.

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Committed to Quality

We strongly believe that collaboration is key to success. We continually work with you and your users to refine your mobile app so that it achieves its goals. You’ll be involved in prototyping the design, not only giving you an insight into the finished product but also helping to steer its final development. Our team works to the highest quality standards. You receive the end product that you want and assurance in knowing that your product is backed by a fully accredited QMS.

Our Process

It’s essential that we understand exactly what you want, which is why we take the time to work with you and your stakeholders to ensure we have the bigger picture. This understanding will inform both the design and development of your product, reducing risk and maximising user management.

  • Research - We conduct extensive research around your product. This involves examining your user base, reviewing existing and emerging technology, futureproofing, market analysis and more.
  • Design & Wireframing - We use the initial research to design wireframes as the basic template of your design. You’ll get an idea of how the app will look before we move on to full colour designs. We can test user journeys and easily make adjustments to screen designs and layout. 
  • Development - Having established the platform architecture and the overall design of the mobile app, we move on to development. This will involve implementing the design and functionality of the app along with integrating with your API.
  • Testing - Before we release your mobile app, it goes through extensive Quality Assurance testing. This involves unit, integration, acceptance, regression, performance and exploratory type testing conducted by automated and manual tools. 

We are more than just your mobile app team.

Our development team provides end-to-end support for your mobile app project. From design to deployment to ongoing support, our team has the expertise to help you go above and beyond for your users.

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