Automated Testing

Automated testing is a cost effective way of completing repetitive and time consuming test executions.

Accelerate software releases

Automated testing is a perfect fit for continuous delivery projects. Why waste time executing manual regression test suites repeatedly? An automation tool, if used properly, can do the hard work for you. The dedicated software testing team at Blue Frontier is well placed to not only create and execute automated test suites for software we have developed but we are also able to offer this service to slot in with clients’ own software delivery process too.

If using only repetitive manual testing methods to test your applications, you could be over spending on resource whilst missing critical issues by becoming blind to defects in software that’s very familiar to you. Automated testing, if written well, will spot all issues however many times the test suites are run.

Identifying testing targets

Once the fundamental aspects of the application are in place, this is the time to begin identifying key functionality that requires checking after each and every software release to ensure it still works as expected. User Login and Payment Gateway integrations are two prime examples of key functionality where regression could be problematic.

Creation of test data

Once the set of tests to be automated are determined, test data is then defined and created to be used in conjunction with the automated test steps. Automated scripts can be as varied and as flexible as you need them to be.

Testing validation

Test design firstly takes the form of documenting each step and ensuring validation or verification checks are included where necessary. Validation and verification checks are crucial in ensuring your automated tests will identify defects if and when they appear.

Commence auto testing

When all of the above stages have been completed the tests are ready to be turned into automated scripts. Once coded, these are firstly verified by the tester to confirm the tests are achieving the objectives required before they are finally added to the regression test suite.

Automated testing you can trust

Tests can range from simple design layout checks to complex data entry and integration processes. Automated scripts can be as varied and as flexible as you need them to be. Our experienced team will analyse your requirements and design a test plan to suit your needs.

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Accelerate Software Releases with Automated Testing

Manual functional testing can be highly labour intensive as a human takes more time to interact with the interface and undertake common scenarios, rather than a test tool. If you have a continuous release project we can both increase the efficiency and the quality of your testing by using automation.

Mobile device design has pushed application developers into requiring vast amounts of testing for their products, as apps need to function on numerous operating systems, screen ratios and resolutions. We can offer automated mobile testing to help lighten the workload.

Likewise, web-based applications designed to work inside a browser need to function across multiple browser editions, as well as devices. Test automation assists with handling this demand as an automated test can be designed to work across various browsers and devices.

Automated Testing Types

Automation tests can take the form of several test types including the following:

  • Unit Testing
    Used by developers, this tests the smallest units of software in isolation to check if they work in a stable environment. These are small and fast to execute.
  • Integration Tests
    Used by developers and testers to test multiple units, modules or sub systems together with the end goal of being able to expose problems with the integration of the various components.
  • System Tests
    Used by testers and designed for a fully integrated software product when connected with other systems to identify problems with the interactions.
  • Acceptance Tests
    Used by testers but determined by stakeholders, test complete and fully integrated software products to validate the end user required functionality.
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Blue Frontier Automated Testing Process

  • We’ll meet to discuss your project and determine the value of creating an automated test suite.
  • With both the stakeholder and the lead developer, we’ll determine the highest risk areas, as well as the highest business priority areas on which to focus our attention.
  • Test data will be defined, generated and stored in anticipation of its integration with the tests.
  • We’ll design, code and verify the automated tests and demonstrate them for approval before adding them to the test suite.
  • Test execution will begin when required and we will keep you updated with the progress and findings.
  • Once the defects are resolved, the automation tests are re-run to verify the fixes.
  • Upon each development release, steps 5 and 6 are repeated.

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