Compatibility Testing

We test software compatibility across a number of variants to ensure great quality, consistent design and functionality.

Conducting testing to ensure multi-browser and device compatibility

The Blue Frontier test team conducts compatibility tests to make certain that your software works across multiple browsers, operating systems, devices and screen resolutions.

In modern times, it’s impossible to know where every end user will be coming from to access your software. The best way to give users a great experience and an excellent product is to test it across a considered set of compatibility options, upon which the software is most likely to be used upon. With our service, we can help you to prevent potential missed leads, opportunities and business through identifying design specific defects.

Testing should underpin everything you do. Organisations and companies invest heavily into drawing traffic to use their software, website or application, through PPC, SEO, Social Media and more, so it is imperative that the user gets a professional impression of your business. Users require and demand technology that works in order to complete various tasks and goals, which are also vital to your business.

What is included?

Compatibility testing encompasses a broad range of variables that are tested to ensure the maximum compatibility and accessibility of your software on a range of devices.

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Checks that the software works across multiple web browsers.

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Screen Resolutions

Checks that common screen sizes have been accommodated in the design.

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OS Versions

Checks that common operating systems are supported.

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Mobile Devices

Ensures the software works across the most commonly used devices.

Compatibility testing you can trust

With a variety of tools and a wealth of experience, we’re ready to take on all of your compatibility testing needs. We’ll stay in contact with you during the project and update you regularly with our progress and findings. The transparency of our work allows us to provide you with as much data as you’d like to receive throughout the process.

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Our Compatibility Testing Process

As with all our testing services, it’s important for us to get to know both the client and the project. We’ll discuss the range of compatibility options we can offer and define the set of environments or platforms the application is required to work on. We conduct the tests, identify the defects and report the results.

As a full end to end digital and web agency, if you require support with resolving the defects found during testing, our skilled development team and dedicated designers are on hand to ensure your end product is prepared to launch without a hitch.

Importance of Compatibility Testing

The market for software products is hugely competitive and so businesses are striving to stand out for being industry innovative leaders, making it more important than ever not to have flaws in the software compatibility.

Compatibility reduces the risk of underperformance and error strewn software, so taking the time and investing in professional testing pays off in the long run. Software must deliver a solution to the user and a great experience every time it is used to keep users engaged. Great software may even then go on to be recommended, enhancing the reputation of your organisation.

Not only does compatibility add value to the development process for new software, it allows organisations to review and optimise existing software and highlight areas of improvement.

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Your Cross Browser and Compatibility Testing Partner

As an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified agency, and G-Cloud supplier, we collaborate with clients from a range of sectors to complete compatibility testing assignments. We leave no stone unturned so that you can launch your products worry-free and delight your customers.

Our team finds critical defects and at Blue Frontier, we have the skills to fix them. Encourage users to convert and trust your products, through careful testing and by utilising the testing capability we have at our award winning agency.

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