Functional Testing

Guarantee the quality of your product and provide a trusted user experience through functional testing.

Our comprehensive functional testing service thoroughly analyses your software from end to end.

As well as testing software built in-house by the Blue Frontier developers, our team deliver a functional testing service for third parties too. If you have a website or software application that you would like to improve, our test team are here to help. 

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Importance of Functional Testing

Functional testing assures the quality of the product, requirements have been met and defects have been identified. As well as making certain all functionality works correctly, testing improves the usability, on top of its security and safety.

It is easy to overlook testing as a non-essential investment, but defects and glitches cause huge embarrassment and are likely to cause long term damage to a brand. Through effective procedures and practices, functional testing will help you deliver a superior product, and should be a process utilised for all updates and new features.

Ascertain requirements

During functional testing, we collaborate with the client to understand their requirements. From here we assess the risks of the intended functionality then go on to create a custom requirement and risk blended test plan.

Identify defects

During test execution, we will analyse the results and identify defects to be fixed, along with any enhancement recommendations to consider. Our development team are on hand to resolve any issues identified if required.


We conduct regression testing, with test cases re-executed in order to check if the previous functionality of the software is working and to confirm that recent changes have not introduced new defects.


Once we confirm that the retest is successful, the website and/or application can be released with confidence; in the knowledge, that the industry standard quality assurance measures have been met.


Once released and when your software requires design upgrades or additional features, it’s vital that functional testing is included as part of the continuous delivery process to ensure a consistently good quality user experience.

Functional Testing Techniques

Functional testing covers a wealth of software features. From basic login screens to complex workflows and multiple integrations, it’s crucial that all functional aspects are tested fully to ensure the intended outcome is what you and the end user would expect. Testing allows us to measure the success of the product, identify defects and highlight areas for improvement ahead of a launch.

For testing to be a success we combine several techniques to maximise coverage. As follows:

  • Equivalence Partitioning
    Inputs are divided into groups to exhibit similar behaviour.
  • Boundary Value Analysis
    Testing between extreme ends or boundaries.
  • Decision Table Testing
    Testing system behaviour for different input combinations.
  • Use Case Testing
    Exercises the whole system on each transaction basis from start to end.
  • Exploratory Testing
    Uses creativity, intuition and personal experience.

Functional testing you can trust.

With a variety of tools and a wealth of experience, we’re ready to take on all of your functional testing needs. We’ll stay in contact with you during the project and update you regularly with our progress and findings. The transparency of our work allows us to provide you with as much data as you’d like to receive throughout the process.

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Why Choose Blue Frontier to Conduct Your Functional Testing?

Blue Frontier is an award winning agency focused on the delivery of quality products, which is why we are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and have internal processes in place so that our clients can collaborate with us in total confidence. We are agile enough to deliver bespoke solutions based on the exact needs of each individual customer, document the entire process and submit comprehensive and actionable test reports.

The test team is International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) certified, and has a vast amount of testing experience. From bespoke websites to the most complex software, our in-house testing team work on internal and external testing projects on a daily basis.

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