Website Support & Maintenance

Keep your website secure and up to date with a website maintenance contract built around your requirements. 

Website support and maintenance development work keeps websites up to date, secure and functioning, to ensure visitors have a flawless experience when they interact with your brand online. 

All websites require continual updates to their CMS, plugins and design to keep users engaged and to build trust with their audience. Improved UX achieved through website improvements helps those who visit a website find all the information they need and complete their goals. The rewards of having a dedicated team to take care of all updates, security patches and design tweaks on your chosen platform are huge. No matter your chosen platform, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or an alternative, the Blue Frontier team are here to help. 


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Complete Web Support

Blue Frontier is a great fit for those who want the complete web support package. We have experts in digital marketing and web design to help you build upon the foundations of having a fully supported and well maintained website, while our technical team also deliver expertise in cyber security, hosting and infrastructure, to equip you with all the tools you need to drive your business forward. 

From routine website support and maintenance, CMS and plugin updates, to building custom functionality, all of our web development support work passes through our QA testing team. We uphold ISO 9001 standards to give our clients total confidence that their website is secure and operational, something that sets Blue Frontier apart.

Get help fast

With help only a call or email away, our knowledgeable experts deliver quick resolutions.

Service Level Agreements

Tailor your web support requirements around the specific needs of your organisation with a bespoke SLA. This agreement will outline minimum response times to resolve urgent issues. You will receive regular updates on any ongoing work and monthly reports. We also offer 24/7 hosting SLAs for clients on dedicated servers so you'll have an engineer on call to respond quickly at all times of the day, every day, to minimise disruption.

Agreed Task Completion

Our web maintenance team handles database and server support, application upgrades, extension installations, performance optimisation and security maintenance. We deliver monthly updates to your CMS system, which will cover core updates to the platform and any plugins. We also determine the requirement for content and development updates and agree a set number of hours per month to perform these updates.

Support Ticket System

All website support requests are logged within our internal ticketing system, which you will be able to access at any time to check the status of ongoing updates. Your team can raise tickets in a number of ways, via either the ticketing system, email or phone. Depending on the urgency of a request, our team can be acting upon the request within the hour. Blue Frontier can offer technical support to your operations team between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, but we are happy to discuss the options if additional support is required.

Supported By Experts

Having a dedicated development lead to work alongside ensures your website and extensions are up to date, and that any project progresses smoothly. Most hacks are traced back to vulnerabilities caused by misconfigured or outdated plugins, but with a monthly support contract, time is available with a web development expert to make any updates, changes or tweaks that you need. We test any changes on a secure staging environment before we put them live, and then once they are deployed, our QA testing team test again to eradicate any issues. 

Benefits of Our Website Support & Maintenance Services

It is vital for any organisation or business that have a web presence to ensure their website is optimised to perform well and convert users into customers. Websites need continual maintenance to provide visitors with a great experience every time their visit your site.

  • Website Monitoring
    We use industry-leading tools to monitor the performance and health of websites we are responsible for.  
  • Regular Updates
    Every website we support is continually updated to be both stable and secure. We ensure that the chosen site CMS uses the most up-to-date versions and that measures are in place to maximise security by the use of firewalls and daily back-ups.
  • Security
    We are proud to have attained ISO 9001, 27001 and 13485 as well as Cyber Essentials Plus. These international quality standards mean that our systems and processes are managed securely and to the highest quality.
  • Keeping Customers in the Loop
    Every release or update we complete is carefully planned and executed, backed up by our extensive release notes to keep an audit of the progress made over time.
  • Access to Technical Expertise
    Our technical team provide ongoing hosting and maintenance of our clients’ websites. We can migrate and manage the hosting of the websites within our Amazon AWS environment, or can offer guidance and support to your existing IT department when needed.

We provide more than just web support.

Working closely with our development team, our dedicated user experience designers can work with you to understand your specific requirements and translate them into intuitive web interfaces, which will drive better results for your business. We provide secure hosting, infrastructure and digital marketing services such as SEO in order to enhance client websites. Whether you require an extension to your development team or a full digital service, we can help.

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