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Blue Frontier is committed to advancing technology to improve the digital health landscape. Our teams specialise in creating bespoke, secure and industry compliant healthcare applications to help drive patient care, diagnostic testing and disease detection.

  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 27001
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Digital Healthcare Agency

Our digital health services support a range of digital needs for organisations from the private healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical sectors. From developing bespoke healthcare software that consolidates electronic medical data, to developing a marketing strategy that builds upon specialist knowledge of your sector, our range of digital health services fully support any digital need that may emerge in the health industry.

Blue Frontier are excited to be reducing geographical barriers to accessing healthcare by implementing software innovations and connected health solutions, which securely transit medical data even in high latency areas. It’s exciting to see the potential of digital health solutions in transforming the healthcare landscape as innovative people and technological advances continue to intersect.

What services are on offer?

We provide end-to-end digital health solutions that are planned and developed to an approved design and specification. We understand the importance of creating a quality-driven product that is compliant with industry regulation while aligning great user experience with technological advancement. Blue Frontier runs its medical-related projects under ISO 13485 process control, and in adherence to IEC62301's Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC). Blue Frontier is proud to be EHDEN certified, CREST accredited and a trusted G-Cloud Supplier.

We are experts in providing industry compliant, specialised connectivity solutions to help drive improvements for early diagnosis and patient care.

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We provide a variety of healthcare systems testing services because we understand the importance of conforming to all industry regulations and compliance standards.

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Information confidentiality and security is paramount, particularly in medical systems. Don’t let your healthcare application fall foul of malicious intent with our cyber security services.

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We create bespoke healthcare solutions, from API development to mobile applications and medical software that integrates with healthcare devices.

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Integrated healthcare systems are crucial to ensuring seamless and standardised operations and patient-centred care.

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Blue Frontier is proud to be EHDEN certified

EHDEN is an organisation committed to standardising healthcare data across Europe so it can be easily shared between nations. This gives digital health organisations like Blue Frontier the ability to draw conclusions about symptoms, diseases and the effectiveness of antibiotics from much larger datasets so we can help to standardise digital health care across nations. 

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