Healthcare Software Development

We specialise in creating bespoke healthcare software solutions to improve patient care and user experience for a range of medical fields.

Creating your bespoke healthcare solution

Blue Fronter is on the cutting edge of healthcare software development. Our expert team of product owners and software developers can help create innovative solutions for some of the most prevalent medical issues. Whether it is revolutionising patient care, or enhancing interoperability and user experience, we have the expertise to develop a solution that prioritises both industry regulations and data security.

Secure Software Development Life Cycle

When it comes to software development, particularly in the healthcare industry, security is paramount. Here at Blue Frontier, we understand the importance of conforming to industry data regulations in order to protect patient information and confidential medical research. That’s why we adopt the secure software development life cycle. We integrate security into every step of the development process to mitigate the risk of security threats before they have a chance to cause harm to your system.

How can we help?

We have the expertise to build a variety of bespoke medical systems based on your unique requirements.

Secure API Development

Every bespoke mobile app or website needs to be able to communicate with its backend system. We can develop custom, secure APIs to allow for seamless integration between both your front and backend systems.

Medical Mobile App Development

With users becoming more reliant on mobile phones, mobile apps are an efficient and accessible way to process and format information. Blue Frontier’s mobile app developers have first-hand experience in creating bespoke medical applications for a variety of use cases.

Medical Software Development

‘Medical software’ is a very broad term, covering anything from a system to record clinical information to a diagnostic tool to help manage patient treatments. Our expert products owners can help build a roadmap for development to ensure all your requirements have been met. Our specialist team of medical software developers then work to create your bespoke system through the secure SDLC.

We are more than just your digital health team.

Our highly skilled team of software developers are committed to producing systems that suit all of your requirements, with patient care and user protection at the forefront of everything we do.

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Continuous improvements to code quality

We are always striving to be industry leaders in code quality and best practice in the digital health field. Our developers are continuously working to improve code review processes to ensure your system is created with efficiency and ongoing maintenance in mind.

We streamline our development workflow by automating testing, code analysis and deployment processes using a Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. By using a CI/CD Pipeline we enhance cross-team collaboration, accelerate application delivery and ensure software reliability. Having a CI/CD Pipeline is particularly important when developing healthcare software to ensure industry regulations and compliance standards are met.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our code. During the development process we conduct continuous code reviews to identify bugs and ensure adherence to code quality standards. We work hard to promote constant improvement through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

We work to optimise and streamline lifecycle development through efficient code organisation, clear commenting, and adherence to coding best practice standards. By using effective error handling techniques and robust testing strategies, we look to embrace version control principles, facilitate collaboration, and ensure your code aligns with current standards.  

By adhering to code quality guidelines in consistent formatting, efficient documentation, and optimised performance, we help ensure a robust and maintainable healthcare software ecosystem. With continuous adherence to quality guidelines, we contribute to a cohesive codebase that enhances collaboration and facilitates ongoing development.

ISO 13485

We are committed to providing healthcare software development services that are aligned with ISO-13485 regulations for transferring and receiving clinical data, proactively managing device health, monitoring inventory, and improving patient outcomes with more rapid diagnostic testing.     

Benefit from our expertise when it comes to elevating healthcare data standards and integration. We will not only develop solutions that meet your requirements and the pressures of daily point-of-care or lab environments, but we will ensure that all healthcare software outcomes are fully compliant to ISO and quality assurance mandates.


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IEC 62304

IEC 62304

We are well-versed in navigating the intricate requirements of IEC 62304 regulatory standards, ensuring the safety and efficacy of the software-based solutions we develop. Whether our team are creating integration systems or connectivity software solutions, you can rest assured that our development protocols meet all IEC 62304 mandates.  

We are experts in risk management, software development processes, and documentation practices that align with IEC 62304. Trust us to ensure that your healthcare software meets this crucial regulatory framework, providing assurance of adherence to international standards, and delivering safe and effective healthcare software solutions.   

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