Medical System Integration

Our digital health team are committed to delivering the services and expertise required for fully integrated healthcare systems, including Laboratory Information System and Healthcare Information System integrations.

Improving patient care with Integrated Healthcare Systems

Integrated healthcare systems are pivotal in ensuring comprehensive, seamless, and patient-centric care delivery. Medical system integration not only improves efficiency in diagnosis and treatment, but also promotes preventative care and chronic disease management. Integration also facilitates data sharing and interoperability, allowing for better-informed decision making and personalised care plans. The integration solutions provided by our team here at Blue Frontier aim to break down silos, prioritise patient well-being, and create a more interconnected, efficient, and effective healthcare ecosystem.

Integration solutions

Developing integration solutions for efficiency, reliability and efficacy   

Our integration solutions allow for smooth administration, reliable insight, and swift response in lab or point-of-care settings, as well as in device management capacities. By connecting and synchronising a range of instruments, applications, devices, and software systems across a healthcare network, we can help you benefit from enhanced data management and improvements to overall efficiency.

With integrated healthcare systems in place, medical professionals can diagnose patients more efficiently without compromising the accuracy of results, leading to more rapid treatment without loss of efficacy. Medical system integration also helps to reduce hands-on time in diagnostic, administration and management tasks, using automation to relieve pressure on stretched workforces.

How can we help?

At Blue Frontier, our digital health team is made up of developers, product managers, testers, and consultants who will ensure your healthcare systems are fully integrated to meet your every requirement.

Some of the integration processes we have experience in are:

HIS Integration

Our team can implement Healthcare Information System (HIS) integration solutions for seamless information management, including patient record and database administration. Working with a single integrated HIS platform, you can optimise workflows and enhance patient care with real-time data for precise decision making.

LIS Integration

Improve your diagnostics output with enhanced efficiency, reliability, and accuracy, made possible with our Laboratory Information System (LIS) integration solutions. Use our skills and expertise to enhance lab workflows and streamline tasks including sample tracking, data analysis, and results reporting.

API and Software Development

Revolutionise your medical system integrations through our development expertise, crafting compliant and secure solutions. Our agile approach boosts medical app interoperability and user experience, from records to diagnostics. Partner with us to advance patient care, leveraging specialised services and fortified API security.

Secure and Resilient Frameworks

Enhance your integrated connectivity confidently across systems and networks with our Secure API Development, prioritising robust encryption and compliance for a shielded ecosystem and resilient integration framework.

We work to the compliancy standards you need and expect.

Our team are committed to not only delivering integration solutions that work, but that also meet all the compliancy regulations and mandates you need.

We prioritise threat modelling, robust coding practices, and thorough testing to fortify your medical system integration solutions against vulnerabilities. With a commitment to compliance and continual improvement, our SSDLC framework ensures a resilient software ecosystem, elevating your security standards and instilling confidence in your final product.  

We develop connectivity solutions in line with Health Level Seven (HL7) standards in facilitating interoperability and data exchange across diverse medical platforms. HL7 protocols ensure smooth communication between healthcare applications, enhance data accuracy, streamline workflows, and improve patient care coordination.

As well as ISO standards compliancy, our team are well-versed in also navigating the complexities of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Our medical system integration solutions deliver ASTM-assured excellence in quality, safety, reliability, precision, and innovation. 

Discover our TAC Portal – an end-to-end solution for the integration, management, and configuration of healthcare data across connected medical systems. Accredited in multiple ISO standards, including ISO-13485 and ISO-9001, as well as Cyber Essentials Plus, you can be confident that our TAC Portal will meet all your quality assurance and compliance requirements. 

We are more than just your digital health team.

You’ll be working with specialists in this area who care about the quality of the end product. Our digital health team work to a programme of continuous development and best practice to ensure that you get the integration you need. We’ll customise platforms for enhanced functionality, investigate and fix issues, and build new components and apps as part of an ongoing development cycle.

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We are dedicated to providing integration solutions that meet ISO-13485 standards for transferring and receiving clinical data, proactively managing device health, monitoring inventory, and improving patient outcomes with more rapid diagnostic testing.   

Benefit from our expertise when it comes to elevating healthcare data standards and integration. We will not only develop solutions that meet your requirements and the pressures of daily point-of-care or lab environments, but we will ensure that any medical system integration solutions are fully compliant to ISO and quality assurance mandates.


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IEC 62304

IEC 62304

We provide effective and efficient solutions for integrated healthcare systems through medical software development. We are experienced in navigating the intricate requirements of IEC 62304 regulatory standards, ensuring the safety and efficacy of the software-based solutions we provide. 

We are experts in risk management, software development processes, and documentation practices that align with IEC 62304. Trust us to ensure that your integrated healthcare software meets this crucial regulatory framework, providing assurance of adherence to international standards, and delivering safe and effective healthcare system integration solutions. 

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