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Why is an online competitive analysis important for digital marketing?

Why is competitor analysis important for digital marketing?

A key element to a successful digital marketing strategy is fully understanding your competitors’ strengths and their marketing efforts, and researching the industry and potential audiences.

We are able to benchmark your website compared to your competitors, enabling us to see your current standings, the difference between your website and highly ranked competitors (gap analysis) and in which areas of marketing they are actively working.

From this competitive analysis, we formulate a strategy that will successfully help your business catch up and move ahead of your competitors in terms of online performance.

Competitive Social Analysis

What is Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis is an essential ingredient to implementing a successful digital strategy.

Elements we research and analyse may include:

  • Understanding your business, service, products & strengths

  • Your competitors

  • Potential customers/audiences

  • Keyword research

  • Search engine & social visibility

  • Backlink profiles

  • Industry research (stats, facts, whitepapers, company assets and content)

  • Media scanning

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Nowadays, it’s built into our lives to go straight to a search engine, social media channel or online review site when looking for a product or service. Knowing where, and how potential customers search, is key in developing a digital strategy that will work for you.

As part of our SEO Analysis we will be able to...

  • List which keywords your competitors rank for

  • Find out whether they're using pay per click advertising

  • Discover which social media channels they are using

  • Identify which websites they market on or are involved with

  • Quickly build a social audience

  • Increase content levels, blogging activity and social usage

  • Generate potential content creation opportunities

  • Manage pay per click involvement and related adverts

Competitive Site Analysis


In order to implement an effective digital marketing strategy it is crucial to first understand and recognise approaches that have proved successful. By carrying out a competitor analysis you will have a head start. We can then make informed decisions to create a competitive bespoke strategy to rival business in your industry, marketing you as a leader within your field.

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