Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social media is a guaranteed way to make your brand stand out, through smart, highly targeted and cost effective campaigns.

Effective paid social media advertising

Social media, especially paid campaigns are not always at the top of every businesses’ agenda, however, when used correctly they can land you both instant visibility and fresh leads. Paid social ads drive online conversions, a greater level of ROI and increase engagement with your audience. At Blue Frontier, we work closely with our clients to grasp a real understanding of their objectives in order to come up with a paid social strategy that will deliver results.

With paid social campaigns, you only pay when your advert is clicked, so a well-run campaign is an excellent way to build a social following, increase brand awareness and captivate an audience quickly.  

Our team of experienced and dedicated paid social experts closely monitor campaigns so clients can view the progress made. By keeping a close eye on things, we are able to react quickly if an ad spend needs a boost or an underperforming campaign needs to be paused.

How can we help?

Here at Blue Frontier, we have the expertise to advertise on almost every social media platform available. 

Some of the platforms we have experience in are:


With high levels of customisation and detail, Facebook is the main platform when it comes to Paid Social Advertising. Run effective campaigns of virtually every format - traffic, lead, conversions, collection – and help grow your audience, build brand awareness, and maximise conversions.


Instagram is becoming increasingly popular as a centralised location for interacting with friends, brands, and these days – shopping. Make the most of the platform's e-commerce foundation and let us build a store directly into your Instagram Profile. Or take advantage of Stories Adverts and reach the masses to increase your traffic and conversions.


Reaching a B2B audience via Paid Social Adverts used to be strenuous, but LinkedIn is here to help. If your product or service is best suited for other businesses, then using the LinkedIn platform can propel your business' success. Target users by industry, job title and so much more, with a wide range of campaign setups - from traffic to talent acquisition to conversion. 


Frequently being used as a visual search engine, Pinterest is a great place to advertise almost any consumer focused product or service. Focus on the important eye-catching aspect of the platform and reach users through Pin ads, collection ads, carousel ads, and more. You’ll even have a wide range of campaign objectives to choose from – from brand awareness to conversions to consideration campaigns.

TikTok and Reels 

Video-led platforms such as TikTok and Reels have grown exponentially over recent years, and have an ever increasing audience base that you can advertise to. Harness the power of user generated content and encourage users to purchase your product or service through content creator partnerships – boosting your brand in an authentic and engaging fashion. Or take a more simplistic approach and showcase your product/service through captivating video

Paid Social

Paid social campaigns bespoke to your business or organisation

Paid social media goals vary from business to business and you don’t need to have a vast amount of budget or large social media team to enjoy paid social marketing success. Social media platforms empower smaller businesses to target a specific audience based on demographics such as location, age or interests. We can also combine this with data driven targeting to ensure that we are targeting the most relevant users for social ad success. 

We can also tailor the ad format based on the goals you want to achieve. A lead generation campaign will look very different to an awareness campaign, so our paid social experts will help you design a paid strategy that aligns with your business goals. 

Why choose Blue Frontier as your paid social agency?

As a Paid Social Agency, we work closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals. Our experts in paid social media marketing can:

  • Conduct paid social audits, competitor analysis' and provide recommendations for a paid social strategy
  • Set up monitoring and tracking (e.g. Facebook pixel, LinkedIn Insights Tag and detailed event tracking)
  • Integrate campaigns with shopping services such as Shopify and Etsy for eCommerce campaigns and tracking
  • Create audiences based on the previous behaviour of website visitors
  • Compile detailed audience research using analytics, and data from the pixel/insights tag
  • Create enticing and dynamic adverts using different ad formats and professional editing software 
  • Monitor the success of your paid social media and make adjustments where necessary to better optimise the campaigns
  • Provide detailed reporting every month on the performance of your campaigns

Social media platforms provide the opportunity to enjoy a more informal tone than your main brand and get creative. Through paid social media, it is possible to interact with your audience more freely and represent your brand and business in a different light. You can run competitions, conduct surveys, share insights and start conversations with the very people you want to connect with – which is why social media is such a powerful tool. 

Get the best out of your paid social budget

Another benefit of paid social marketing is how easy it is to control the advertising budget. When starting a campaign and building an audience you may wish to spend more to grow your audience, and over time you can scale back the spend and focus on engaging with your followers, providing them with content to share and engage with which will organically increase your social reach.

Working with a paid social agency such as Blue Frontier will not only give you access to  creative thinking, but also to the scientific and data led side of things as we carefully measure the results of your paid campaigns. It is imperative to set up the goals and conversion tracking correctly to measure your ROI, which our specialists can do for you.

We are more than just your paid advertising team.

Our team of experts are here to guide you through every step of your advertising journey to help reach your business goals. Blue Frontier are proud to be Meta certified, providing you with first class strategies and support.

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Enjoy success with paid social media

Paid social media advertising can drive real results for your business and so it is worth tapping into the expertise of a paid social agency who have tried and tested methods ready to deploy and help you achieve your goals.

For our paid social media clients, we undertake detailed research into the best social platforms to suit your business and uncover exactly who your audience are. We take into account the competition and conduct the groundwork to ensure your website is optimised before the creative stage. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than paying out to reach an audience only for them to be disappointed once they land on your website.

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