Server Management Services

Our server management service delivers round the clock support. Stay up to date and leave the latest security trends to us.

What is Server Management?

Server management, simply put, is the continued process of monitoring and maintaining servers to minimize downtime, keep them secure and to meet both the current and future requirements of the organisation it supports.

Server management teams are responsible for the security of the server, as well as managing the hardware, software and backups. Businesses are dependent on server infrastructure for the majority of their IT functionality including data storage, website hosting, and emails. With this in mind, it is easy to see why cloud services have become increasingly popular as they offer enhanced scalability, affordability and security.

Outsourced Server Management

Businesses often choose to contract with an external server management company, as it is crucial that the right server monitoring tools are available. Our system administrators use management tools to access automated reports and receive alerts if there is an issue, allowing them to react quickly and resolve it before it becomes a wider problem. Not only this, our experienced team utilise software to streamline workflow and increase performance.

Secure Servers

Leave server management in the capable hands of our Cyber Essentials Plus certified team, and your data will remain secure. We are ISO 9001 & 27001 accredited, which means our infrastructure has been stress tested and is constantly being innovated. We work to the same standards when managing the servers of our clients, as we do our own.

Faster Delivery

Keep users happy, with fast and responsive websites and concentrate on your business with the knowledge that our team is on board, constantly monitoring server traffic. We will ensure that your users have the perfect experience, every time they visit your site.

Features of Server Management

Cloud servers require maintenance and optimisation to deliver great performance. Built, hosted and delivered via a cloud-computing platform online, cloud servers are accessed remotely by our engineers who focus on managing the server, keeping it secure and making any required improvements.

  • Hardware Management
    Reliable hardware is a must, we keep tabs on the performance of the CPU, RAM and Hard Drive as well as the CPU temperature and operating environment.
  • Software Management
    Software requires constant monitoring, with updates for existing software, firmware and operating systems being imperative.
  • Security
    Outsourcing server management relieves the pressure of keeping on top of security. Firewalls, password policies, encryption and anti-virus software are just part of the package.
  • Backups
    Taking regular backups is a key part of server management, preventing the loss of information from both physical and virtual servers.

IT Infrastructure Management

Our IT infrastructure management service takes care of the key infrastructure elements relied upon to deliver business services. From software applications to networking components and hardware, our team of experts deliver a dedicated and cost effective service allowing our clients to focus on other areas of their business.

  • Systems Management
    We focus on security. From preventing and logging all security events to automating workloads, configuration management and handling the integration of cloud-based applications and services.
  • Network Management
    Network management ensures all applications and services are available and functional. Security also falls under network management by preventing unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Storage Management
    Storage space is a valuable asset for businesses and organisations. Our team takes care managing data storage, including virtualisation, data compression and data security.

We are more than just your IT support team.

Our server management and infrastructure services are a cost-effective way for you to ensure your servers are optimised, up to date, secure and deliver for all of your business demands. Every server project we work on maintains the quality standards expected of an ISO accredited organisation. This means that we naturally think about security, data and risk management when we work with you.

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Why Collaborate With Blue Frontier?

At Blue Frontier, aside from being a G Cloud Supplier, ISO and Cyber Essentials certified, we deliver a wide range of IT services to help our clients succeed. We have a comprehensive range of IT infrastructure and server management services, helping us bring an all in one service that clients can tap into, no matter what IT service they require.

Our IT Infrastructure & Server Management Services

  • Operating System Platforms
    Including Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Software Applications
    Including applications critical for managing service delivery such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and others.
  • Data Management and Storage
    Oversight of data storage components such as servers and software components used to organise databases like My SQL.
  • Networking
    IT infrastructure management including virtual network software (Microsoft Windows server, Cisco, etc.) to phones, routers, wiring and Wi-Fi.
  • Internet
    Servers, cloud-based applications, development tools and hosting services.
  • Consultancy
    We implement new infrastructure including powerful tools to help businesses and organisations modernise.

Let's Collaborate

No one understands your business better than you, which is why the work we do with our clients is collaborative.