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Fair, Proactive, Responsive

We have long recognised that relationship and rapport building is an essential prerequisite in the establishment, maintenance and management of IT systems that are appropriate to the needs of our clients. This relationship-lead approach to IT support is underpinned by our core set of three guiding principles; fairness, proactiveness, and responsiveness. These manifest in our delivering excellent value for money service at an affordable cost that is fair to all parties, making sure that we work to detect issues before they present a problem for your business, and reacting appropriately and quickly when you are affected by IT issues.



Whether you work with us on an ad-hoc or contractual basis, we always aim to deliver excellent services at a a sensible cost tailored to your requirements. This ethos permeates our business from the Managing Director down, and acts as a core focus when delivering services, creating contracts and building relationships with our clients. This means that, over the years, we have built an excellent track record in client retention, client satisfaction and manifests further in the experience our clients have of their IT systems.



Our proactive principle guides everything from systems design through to implementation of technologies for monitoring and reporting. From the moment we design a system we have business development, technological change and future planning as integral factors that underlie the services and products that we deliver. In an optimal situation we can detect and ameliorate problems before they manifest themselves within the business by engaging in routine maintenance tasks, regular checks and sophisticated monitoring. Further, support is not just about dealing with the day to day. We also offer a full consultancy service to ensure your IT develops alongside your business.



It is almost inevitable that businesses, from time to time, will experience problems with their IT systems. When this happens, we know it is critical that these issues are dealt with in a timely fashion. This requirement has meant that we have established business processes, and have designed systems that will allow us to react rapidly to problems as they arise. This coalesces into a everything from the implementation of appropriately tiered SLA's within contracts, to systems design considerations such as multi-layered backup and the resourcing of support services within our own business.

Who We Support

Our IT support is available to businesses of all types, sizes and industries. We work hard to develop long term relationships with our clients and develop IT systems that will assist them as the size and nature of their businesses change.

Small and Medium Businesses

Supporting and running an in-house IT team can be expensive and difficult to maintain efficiency. With IT and technology now crucial to the success of any modern business, our IT support services provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for small and medium businesses.

IT Managers and In-House Teams

We offer additional support to in-house IT teams and managers who may be under strain throughout certain periods of business. Our added expertise and resources will help company’s reach their goals by working collaboratively with an existing IT department.


Outsourcing IT support helps medium-sized and enterprise companies to focus more on core business activities. Whether fully or partially outsourcing your IT support, we can help you.

Our IT Support Options?

We offer a flexible service that’s tailored to your needs and budget. Our bespoke IT support is designed to provide the perfect fit for your business and the services you require. A range of options are available in how we can assist you.

Pay as you go support

Perfect for smaller businesses who do not wish to commit to a monthly contract, or who require complementary IT support for an existing IT team. Simply pay as you go on an ad-hoc basis for the services you need. This can include one-off support issues, emergency IT support, consultation services or project work.

Support Contracts

Ideal for larger organisations, or those who need to be more proactive, flatten (and sometimes reduce) their monthly costs, or who require a guaranteed service level. We work with you to devise a support contract that suits your requirements. This can include everything from a full contract with defined Service Level Agreements, maintenance tasks, unlimited technical support and monthly site visits, down to a simple contract to perform routine maintenance and prevention tasks.

Remote Support

To reduce your costs and to reach faster, more cost effective issue resolution, we make use of best-in-class remote IT support tools that enable us to provide quick, easy, efficient and cost effective support of your systems without the need to attend site. Our technicians will, in most cases, be able to rectify any problems as if they were physically on-site. You will always speak directly with an engineer using a standard geographical phone number, with no minimum charge and no requirement to purchase hours up front.

Outsourced Support

The perfect alternative to having your own in-house IT department. Our onsite engineers will become your IT support team and are able to resolve any issues where remote support cannot provide a solution. This can include installation of computers and equipment, networking, and any other tasks that require a physical presence by our engineers.

How Does Outsourcing Your IT Support Benefit Your Business?

Reduce your costs

In-house IT specialists and teams are a luxury that a lot of businesses can’t afford. Staff salaries, recruitment costs, and training can all be costly. Using outsourced IT support, costs are significantly reduced.

Leverage our expertise

We have subject matter experts and IT generalists on-hand, in-house, ready to work with you to support your business growth. Across the company, we have many decades of experience and expertise in a vast array of technologies and platforms, so whatever your need we can help.

Let us complement your in-house IT team

Whether it is for consultancy, branch office support, third line support or any other services, we have the knowledge, expertise and skilled staff to support your organisation

Keep your focus on business operations

A business’s core activities should be the main focus of importance in the working day. Using outsourced IT support gives you more time to focus on the running of your business, leaving the management of technology to a dedicated team of experts.

Make the most of the latest technologies

Technology and the IT landscape is constantly evolving at a rapid rate. We work hard to ensure we are working at the cutting edge with the latest technology and are able to collaborate with you to ensure you are making the most of the available technologies.

Why Choose Blue Frontier for your IT Support?

We're flexible

We're flexible

At Blue Frontier, we are able to accommodate any business and their differing requirements for IT support. We’ll tailor a solution to your business and your needs.

We're a growth business

We're a growth business

Blue Frontier are constantly recruiting and growing our IT team to meet demands of clients, meaning we are big enough to support your business properly and reliably.

We’re experienced

Utilising the massive amount of experience within our growing team of subject matter experts, we support a massive range of technologies including, but not limited to:

  • Cisco switching

  • Cisco routing

  • Cisco ASA firewalls

  • VMWare design, implementation and maintenance

  • Microsoft Hyper-V

  • VMWare vSAN

  • VMWare clusters

  • Network security, diagnostics, design and implementation

  • Microsoft Server migrations, design and implementation

  • Microsoft Windows support

  • Microsoft licensing consultation, supply and reporting

  • Microsoft SQL

  • Watchguard firewalls

  • Wireless network design, deployment and maintenance

  • Security audits

  • Intrusion detection systems

  • Draytek networking equipment

  • Ubiquiti wireless equipment

  • WAN connectivity

  • Unix and Linux system administration

  • System performance and security monitoring

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