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Is the cloud right for me?

Is the cloud right for me?

The cloud is not for everyone; it is a complex concept with many factors affecting suitability and this suitability factor has to be assessed in-line with company policies, budgets, expectations and a mass of other factors.

We have been dealing with cloud services for many years now and have a solid appreciation for available products, the costs, benefits and downsides to these offerings.

To understand whether cloud services are right for you it is important to understand what the cloud is and what it can and cannot do ...

What is 'the cloud'?

What is 'the cloud'?

This is an often misused, and frequently misunderstood, term that has increasingly entered common parlance over the past few years. Simply put, is it any service that is held on another computer; this can range from hosted email services such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft's Office 365, to Dropbox, websites and anything in between.

What the cloud is not ...

  • The cloud is not always a way of reducing costs, in many cases it can be more expensive.

  • The cloud is not a solution to all your problems, though it can be extremely valuable in many use-case scenarios.

  • The cloud is not a security nightmare, though it needs to be understood and appreciated for what it is, risk assessed, have due diligence checks conducted and be properly managed.

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Private Versus Public

Private Versus Public

Private / Dedicated

This involves dedicated infrastructure resource such as compute and/or storage that is entirely under your control and is not shared with other customers resulting in predictable performance and no interference from other customers on the same infrastructure.

Public / Shared

This involves dedicated shared resource such as compute and/or storage that is made available to whatever customer needs it, and, as a result may be competed for between customers. This results in variable performance and possible service interruption due to 'noisy neighbours'.

There are 3 basic forms that Cloud computing can take, each offering a different level of user abstraction.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

These services remove the end user from the details of the technical infrastructure that underpins the services, so services like the Amazon AWS that offers pre-built, containerised, virtual servers as discrete entities with allocated resource such as network, storage, compute and RAM resource would be an example of this.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

These services provide end users with a platform on which to provide / build an application such as a website or web based application while removing them from the underlying infrastucture such as the server, operating system and other underlying infrastructure.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

These services offer a specific application or suite of applications (usually proprietary), so services such as Google Docs or Dropbox would fall into this category. This removes the end user entirely from anything that underpins the application that they are using.

How can Blue Frontier help?

How can Blue Frontier help?

We have years of experience from providing our own range of cloud services from IaaS to PaaS and reselling and deploying third party SaaS services such as Microsoft O365. We have custom build cloud hosted services for people and have consulted with a wide range of organisations to assist them with selecting and leveraging the most appropriate cloud technologies for their specific business. Whatever your need, and whatever your business type we can advise, assist and engage with you on deploying whatever cloud technology fits well with your requirements.

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