Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust_

Carenotes support

Our developers have been able to provide a bespoke technical solution to support a large NHS Trust with the day-to-day usage of Carenotes.

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust implemented an electronic patient record system called Carenotes, which is widely used by NHS Trusts to support clinicians with everyday tasks, such as planning, management, recording and analysing patient data.

After adopting Carenotes, SPFT realised that the system required more technical expertise than they initially thought in order to maximise its potential.

SPFT has an internal team of developers who have been working with the system since its implementation. Their team developed several hundred user defined forms, each with varying levels of complexity outside the normal working parameters of the system.

As their library of forms continued to grow, the more support the Trust needed to maintain the environment going forward.

Having previously worked with Blue Frontier on their development and design projects, SPFT wanted to utilise our technical expertise and development knowledge to support their in-house team with Carenotes.

We were able to offer a bespoke solution to Sussex Partnership that met their unique requirements, providing support for:

  • The creation of new user defined forms;
  • Writing custom code to manipulate form behaviour;
  • The creation of bespoke functionality to make forms more dynamic with conditional hide, show and validation of form fields.

Due to changes within the SPFT team, our developers have been invaluable in filling gaps in knowledge and maintaining consistency for the Trust.

As we continue to work within the system, we expect that our developers will be more heavily involved to provide Carenotes solutions in the future.

  • Technology_
    • Carenotes
    • XML
    • Javascript
  • Services_
    • Custom Solution Development
    • User-Defined Form Design & Creation
    • Change Impact Advisory
    • Automation Testing

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