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Email Marketing- Transform Your Content, Improve Your Conversion Rates

Date Monday, 16 November 2020 Wiktoria Niedbala , In: Digital Marketing

Email Marketing- Transform Your Content, Improve Your Conversion Rates

A monthly newsletter? New product launches, or maybe a new blog post email? Getting your email marketing content to convert is both an art and a science. At times we’ve all suffered from a lack of creativity, or have settled so much in the routine of writing the same content that we don’t see a way out. Luckily for you, this guide will share with you some tips on how to create high-conversion email content. No matter what kind of business you run, you’re bound to find some good ideas below to refresh your email strategy.

Subject Line

The subject line can make the difference between your potential customer reading, deleting, or reporting your email as spam. You only get one chance to make that good first impression and capture your audiences’ attention. Try to approach your subject line having this in mind: people will open your email if they feel like they will gain something from it. Here are a few examples for inspiration:

Half-Price Denim Jackets, Only Tonight

Is This The Dream Job?

Need a Break? Read This Email

Products *Celebrity* Uses

Depending on your business type and the style of your emails you can benefit from subject lines that target: the fear of missing out, curiosity, humour or vanity just to mention a few. However, try to remain consistent with your style, keep it brief and make sure the rest of your text aligns with your title. It’s also a good idea to add a personal touch, like the recipient’s name.

Email Marketing

Writing Tips

Before we have a look at the type of content that will improve your conversion rates, we have to address some general writing tips you should stick to.

Include a clear Call To Action (CTA). Make sure it visually stands out from the rest of the text.  

Follow a logical structure.

Keep paragraphs short.

Don’t shy away from bullet points and headings, they make your email easier to read and help your audience navigate through it.

We know you might be tempted to use those exclamation marks to show your excitement, but it’s best to stay reserved as otherwise your email might come across as spam. The same goes for all caps- after all, you wouldn’t want to shout at your audience.

Another great writing trip is storytelling. We are naturally drawn to narratives, so next time you compose an email, try starting with a story. 

Welcome Email

When users first subscribe to your content or make their first purchase they expect to find this sort of email in their inbox. Surprise them with an original welcome email or even a welcome email series. When creating content for this type of email think about:

How did the individual subscribe? Perhaps it’s a good idea to have different emails depending on where they signed up (social media, website or ad).

What sort of promotional material are they interested in?

What is the balance between information on your business and purchasing opportunities?

Is your content focused too much on your company and not enough on the customer?

Promotional Emails

It’s more likely than not that your audience won’t enjoy an email that is just comprised of adverts-  your conversion rates will benefit from mixing up this sort of content with some that is more educational or entertaining. Try writing as an email reader rather than a company. Instead of being overly official, change your style to more conversational, this will prevent your emails from being dry and simply dull.

Email Marketing


Social proof tells readers that people like them trust you/ enjoy your brand etc, which makes them more inclined to interact with your brand. Therefore, you might want to consider including testimonials, positive reviews, or before and after photos in your emails. Try to use storytelling in this form of content to make it more engaging.


Surveys can provide great insights into your performance, the culture you’re creating with your customer base, and how to provide, stop, or begin writing content types to engage your customers. They can also inform you about who your most engaged audience is, which can help you create email content with the highest conversion rates. You can add an incentive to make it more likely for your audience to open the email and fill out the survey, such as entry into a prize draw, or a discount code for their next purchase. 

Loyalty Plans

If your company offers loyalty discounts or plans, make sure you keep your customers updated about their account via email. This could include an email thanking them for their recent purchase, which added an x amount of points to their account, or a reminder that they have a discount they can use. You could also include products of interest in the email to further increase their conversion rates. This type of content can bring back a customer when they are most invested in your brand and convince them to make another purchase or sign up for a service. By rewarding your readers with exclusive content you can make sure they stick around for a long time.


Newsletters or announcement emails are very important to showcase your business and remind your readers of your fantastic company. Customers that feel like they know a company are more likely to be brand loyal and recommend it to a friend.

Dormant Subscribers

From time to time we all need a little reminder- it could be to go to the gym, send your wife some flowers, or finally purchase those new kitchen cupboards. An effective type of content you should consider is a prompt email to all the customers who have been inactive for some time. If your customer never checked out with their shopping cart, you could send them a reminder with a clear CTA to complete the transaction.

Other Marketing Content

If you have a blog or guide, make sure you mention it in your email and link to the latest content. Focus on keeping the content relevant and don’t forget to add a bold CTA if you want your readers to click on your link. Not all content you send in your email has to sell something, sometimes it’s good to invest some time in building a relationship instead. Focus on optimizing your content for open and share rates, rather than just click through.


Let’s be honest, not a lot of people enjoy reading long emails, especially if they are full of corporate information. It’s good to break up the text using images that add a little spice to your email, but remember to use high-quality images for a professional look, and reduce the size of your images for faster loading time.

If you’re using images, make sure you link them to supporting content, to use them as great big CTA!

Email Marketing

When it comes to conversions, email marketing still holds the first place, especially with B2B sales. Therefore it is important to keep your content fresh, engaging and memorable, and to ensure you test and track your conversion rates to see what sort of content performs best. If you want to read more of our guides, be sure to look at our other blog posts and follow Blue Frontier on social media.

Wiktoria Niedbala

Wiktoria Niedbala

Digital Marketing Executive

Wiktoria lives to create, she is a marketing postgraduate who loves social media and content creation. Customer satisfaction and driving engagement is at the heart of her work. She has worked with different clients including fintechs, affiliate marketing agencies and NGOs for over 3 years to grow their brands, as well as provide them with original and creative content. Since joining Blue Frontier, Tori has focused on content creation and social media marketing.

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