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Blue Frontier Now ISO 14001 Certified

Date Thursday, 16 April 2020 James Roberts , In: Company News

Blue Frontier Now ISO 14001 Certified

Blue Frontier is now ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified having recently undergone an audit to ensure we meet and exceed our legal requirements when it comes to our environmental management system.  

ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that businesses can use to improve their environmental practices. It is the emblem of environmental stewardship, and so we are thrilled to have been recognised. 


Taking Responsibility for Our Environmental Impact

As a leading UK digital agency, we believe it is up to us to take responsibility to monitor the impact our business has on the environment.

Therefore, at Blue Frontier, we aim to create and implement policies that reduce waste and consumption, as well as increase efficiency. Our new ISO 14001 certification highlights that we monitor our responsibilities in a systematic manner and provides assurance to our employees and external stakeholders that our environmental impact is being measured and improved.


What is ISO 14001?

The recently updated ISO 14001 certification helps businesses and organisations to meet the ever-changing demands put in place to limit their impact on the environment and climate. It sets out the basis for an environmental management system by providing a framework for organisations such as Blue Frontier to follow. 

ISO 14001 helps businesses and business leaders to focus on implementing environmentally-conscious steps into their wider business strategy. The ISO 14001 certificate also helps to protect the environment by reviewing resource use across the organisation, and the impact this may have on the environment.


An Important Milestone for Our Business

Obtaining the ISO 14001 certification is an important milestone for us that will help us maintain our continuous state of improvement.

“The ISO14001 will enable us to more effectively manage the environmental impact of the business, promote environmental measures, monitor our activities in this regard, as well as providing assurance to current and future clients of our intent around environmental management.”

- Marc Whittingham, Technical Director

Ollie Rob And Hayley At Work
Paul Tech Working

We are committed from the top down to use the process and this opportunity to:

  • Improve our internal structures to guarantee efficient performance resulting in sustainability
  • Meet our customers’ expectations
  • Think outside the box to exceed the current levels of performance
  • Set standards in our industry

This achievement would not be possible without a dedicated team of people that work internally to ensure that we follow best practices and can achieve accreditations such as this. We believe that all of our ISO certificates reflect our commitment and dedication to working to the highest possible standards in every aspect of our business, and this now includes our ability to monitor and improve our environmental impact.


Benefits of ISO 4001 

The ISO state that the environmental context is more challenging than ever before regarding climate change and energy usage. More pressure and expectations are now placed on organisations to make use of important tools such as ISO 14001 to improve environmental standards.

Some of the key benefits of being ISO 14001 certified include ensuring we go beyond the legal requirements expected of us when it comes to the environment. It will also help us get our employees invested in the work we do to help safeguard the environment. It will also highlight areas where we can improve environmental performance and make the most of the opportunities available to become more efficient.

To learn more about the ISO 14001, there is additional information on the ISO website.

James Roberts

James Roberts

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James joined the Blue Frontier Digital Marketing team as a Content Writer in December 2018. Graduating with a degree in English and History, he has since obtained experience in digital marketing from the logistics industry. He is now developing a deeper knowledge of SEO and utilising his writing skills to help businesses improve their online visibility.

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