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Diving for Donations!

Date Monday, 06 June 2022 Rebecca Fox , In: Charity & Community

Diving for Donations!

You can count on the team at Blue Frontier to push themselves for a great cause, or in this case, get pushed out of a plane! After being originally scheduled back in 2020, and unfortunately being cancelled due to COVID-19, on June 10th 2022 James Fry and Hayley Clasby will finally be taking part in a skydive for charity.

With our Salisbury Office located next to the Old Sarum airfield, we have watched many a brave soul undertake impressive skydives over the years. So after many years of watching, some members of the team felt it was time to take part and skydive for a good cause! Under the expert supervision of GoSkydive, James and Hayley will be jumping from 15,000ft in support of two fantastic charities. 

We do however need your help to raise donations. We want to financially aid two charities that are close to our hearts, and raise some greatly needed funds for them. Our SEO Manager, Hayley, will be skydiving for Macmillan Cancer Research whilst our Managing Director, James, will be jumping for Salisbury Hospice. We are hoping to raise £1,500 in total - £750 for each of these incredible charities. 


Our Managing Director, James had this to say about the upcoming charity skydive.

"I’m absolutely terrified to be jumping out of a plane on Friday. I am not an adrenaline junkie and, while I don’t have a specific fear of heights, I do have a rational fear of hurtling to the ground at high speed – so ‘terrified’ sums it up quite well.

I am very proud to be supporting The Salisbury Hospice for this jump. It is a sad reality that, whether directly or indirectly, we will all lean on the support of hospice care in our lives at some point. The extraordinary work undertaken by the team at Salisbury Hospice, and the help and care that they provide across our community could not be more worthy or more valued."


Every year we organise an annual fundraising coffee morning for Macmillan, as it is a charity that has supported quite a few members of the Blue Frontier team in the past, and we are looking forward to supporting them again in this skydive.

Many members of the team also find themselves deeply moved and in awe of the great work that the Salisbury Hospice does for the local community, and we are excited to be supporting this non-profit as well.

You can donate online on our Just Giving pages to support these charities and our brave skydivers. There are links to both pages above, so you can choose which charity to donate to - or donate to both!

We will be sharing video footage and images of the skydives, so you can look forward to seeing James and Hayley's faces as they freefall from 15,000 feet!

Rebecca Fox

Rebecca Fox

Digital Marketing Executive

Rebecca joined the Blue Frontier Digital Marketing team as a Digital Marketing Executive in 2021. With her degree in Creative Writing, Rebecca has experience in many forms of content writing. She is passionate about all things creative, especially writing, graphics, and photography. Rebecca is very passionate about creating content and aspires to help businesses thrive online. She is eager to expand her skills in SEO, Photoshop, and InDesign to help her create engaging and visual content for her projects. 

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