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Fundraising for Handwashing Stations in Madagascar | Coronavirus Charity Work

Date Friday, 15 May 2020 Amy Godfrey-Bawden , In: Charity & Community

Fundraising for Handwashing Stations in Madagascar | Coronavirus Charity Work

The coronavirus outbreak has had a devastating impact across the globe, changing the way we think about hygiene and social interaction. Many countries have been able to adapt, with provisions in place to keep households, workplaces and public spaces as safe as possible. Sadly, not every country has the same resources to manage the virus, including access to clean water for effective handwashing and safe water consumption.

There is a way to make a difference, though, with many fantastic fundraising efforts to sponsor. When we heard about the Tatirano Social Enterprise's work, we knew we wanted to show our support.


Tatirano Social Enterprise is an organisation working to generate social change and improve access to clean drinking water in poverty-stricken nations. Tatirano, which translates to "collect water", is currently running a fundraising effort to bring clean, safe handwashing stations to Fort Dauphin, a village in Madagascar, to help ensure vital hygiene to protect citizens from contracting COVID-19.

Over 26 million people live in Madagascar, with the majority living in extreme poverty – earning less than the equivalent of £1.56 a day. With few reliable clean water sources, people risk ill health, and with the additional risk of coronavirus, proper handwashing and hygiene are essential.

A handwashing station costs just £5 a day and can make an incredible difference in helping the residents of Fort Dauphin get through the coronavirus pandemic more safely. Thanks to donations from the public, Tatirano has already raised an astonishing £3,590 (smashing their original target of £2,240)!

We are thrilled to support this cause and if you would like to contribute, you can head over to their Just Giving page.


You Can Donate Here

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