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UI and UX Improvements To Increase Job Board Engagement

Athona Recruitment is one of the UK's leading recruitment agencies, specialising in supporting the healthcare and education industries.

Athona Recruitment reached out to Blue Frontier to help them improve their user interface and user experience on their jobs board, with the aim of increasing their engagement. Our web design and digital team worked together to improve the job search functionality, with the end goal of helping Athona’s candidates find suitable job roles within just a few clicks.

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Website Optimisation

Optimising the Search Function

The first step we took to improve the UI and UX was to optimise the search function. We added extra filtering options to the search field to help users narrow down their search results, and made this filtering real-time. Furthermore, we made it quicker to show job roles in specific sectors by adding landing pages to assist candidates in finding relevant roles. 

With the increased filtering options, the possibility of narrowing down options too far meant sometimes no results were shown. To overcome this issue, we introduced a suggested job role section, so that should an empty results page be displayed, the broadened search criteria would still show similar and suitable jobs.


We also implemented additional editable sections on the Athona Recruitment website to allow our SEO team to optimise pages, categories and jobs on an on-going basis, to help increase organic traffic to the website.

Design Challenges 

Maintaining speed and efficiency when handling real-time filtering and page updates can be challenging due to the increased server load, however we implemented strategic processes to minimise the server overhead to ensure the website continues to operate as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Athona Web Development
Athona Website Optimisation

What We Did

The changes we have made to the Athona Recruitment website has vastly improved the user experience and interface, making it much more fluid and targeted. It is much easier for visitors to navigate their way around the website, with a higher chance of finding a job that suits their requirements. Overall, the user’s needs are more likely to be satisfied. 

It’s a pleasure working with Athona. Their team genuinely has some of the nicest and most up-beat people I've worked with. It made the project enjoyable and I believe our collaboration was a success.

Jamie Bicknell, Web Designer, Blue Frontier

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