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Social Media Support for Radio Specialists

Comms Spec is a UK based leading supplier of two-way radios, with over 25 years of experience in the communications industry.

The client approached Blue Frontier looking for support with their social media presence and to increase the number of leads from the UK market.  

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Communications Specialist Ltd approached Blue Frontier looking for a professional digital marketing agency that would help them increase their brand reach in the UK, having previously focused their efforts on Africa. The main goals were to improve lead generation and increase their brand awareness on LinkedIn.

Our social and content team initially took up the reigns of their social media management for both organic and paid posts, which we continue to do as well as deliver additional social media support for the British Olympic bobsleigh team, who Communications Specialist Ltd sponsor. 

As our work with the client has progressed, we have branched out to deliver further marketing support for their business. We are focusing our attention on utilising email funnel marketing campaigns, while we also continue manage the Olympic teams Patreon account, working closely with the client to meet their goals.


One of the first steps we took was to create an audience for the Communication Specialist LinkedIn advertising campaign and to build a content plan for their social media platforms with the target audience in mind. We devised a content plan that included case studies, videos, two-way radio tips and more.

We continue to produce posts for their social platforms that are not only informative but also attractive. Using technology such as Photoshop, Canva and Sprout Social we create and schedule posts on an ongoing monthly basis, using only the highest quality graphics.


LinkedIn Ads

We carefully monitor and optimise the LinkedIn ad campaigns to ensure that Communication Specialist Ltd receives the best ROI for their ad spend and reach their target market. We have averaged an overall 0.92% click through rate (CTR) with the best performing campaign producing an average of  2.78% CTR. With the majority of LinkedIn ads CTR sat between 0.22% – 0.39% our ads continue to perform above average for the client. 

Social Advert Example
Social Advert Example

Organic Posts

The Blue Frontier social team currently manage the clients' Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business and LinkedIn accounts as well as their sponsored team’s Patreon page. Relying on our creativity, meticulous research and our ability to create engaging posts using Communications Specialist website content, we are able to maintain an effective social media presence. The engagement statistics achieved to date are well above the industry average of 2%, with the Communication Specialist posts scoring around 18% on engagement per impression.


Having decided to finally bring on board a professional marketing team, we certainly found what we were looking for when we approached Blue Frontier. They have proven to be dedicated, skilled, and more importantly, have shown to be fully invested in us as a company.

Ashley - MD Communications Specialist Ltd.

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