Rebuild of Website to Be Responsive & Provide a Consistent Experience for Desktop and Mobile Users Alike

When it comes to commercial, lifestyle and camper van conversions, CoTrim lead the way. They are the one stop shop for converted vehicles, with customers able to choose from well-known vehicle manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Renault, Vauxhall and Nissan to name a few.

CoTrim supply complete converted vehicles as well as a customisation service to convert your model. Accredited by Volkswagen, they provide alternative products, including crew vans and wheelchair accessible conversions. The client approached Blue Frontier because their website was out-of-date and they wanted to enhance the design to display their great product range and service offering. 

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Responsive Web Design for CoTrim

The brief given to Blue Frontier’s web designers was to build a responsive website with a fresh design to help CoTrim appeal to their customers. It was imperative to be able to advertise specific conversions to drive more sales and incorporate the long list of vehicle models they work on.

It was also essential to build their website with SEO in mind. The site’s structure needed improving to make it easier for users to navigate and to ensure it was more search-friendly.


Mobile Friendly Website Design

Our web designers rebuilt the website to provide users with a seamless experience on desktop and mobile, enabling CoTrim to market their services more effectively.

The site structure was the main challenge to overcome on this project as the client offers a plethora of van conversion variations and every individual conversion can be customised. The site is optimised for search engines, and the different customisation options for each van model are clearly displayed with user-friendly language.

Following the work by our team to build an attractive, user-friendly and optimised website, CoTrim can demonstrate the craftsmanship and quality of their work. All vehicles are grouped under ‘Conversions’ from the main navigation so users can quickly locate the brand they are interested in.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

It is straightforward to find specific vehicle manufacturers such as ‘Mercedes –Benz’ and access core pages where all the specific model details and variations are included, and customers can get in touch with CoTrim for additional information.

Another beneficial step taken was to include the top selling models in the main navigation, such as the ‘Flexivan’ and ‘C-Sport’, as these vehicles result in the most conversions for CoTrim. We created vehicle page templates to outline all the options on offer for these models.

What We Did

We rebuilt the CoTrim website to provide users with a smooth and simple browsing experience on desktop and mobile, with an SEO-optimised design to drive sales.

CoTrim now has a fully responsive website that allows users to easily get in touch for a quote or enquiry.  Now that they have the functionality to make enhancements to the website themselves, CoTrim also now implement a significantly improved level of SEO. The new responsive website was exceptionally well received by a very happy and excited CoTrim team.

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