Customer Service Brochure Design

Project Brief

Eckoh PLC is a contact centre security and payment solution specialist with offices based in both the UK and US.

Eckoh approached our design team to enquire about the design of a new customer service brochure. They were looking for a brochure that would serve as a tool to highlight how to overcome a host of customer service challenges using Eckoh’s solutions. The client wanted to utilise the photography that we had previously produced for them to create a visually attractive design that could be sent to their existing customer base, as well as potential new customers.

Eckoh Brochure Created by Blue Frontier Graphic Design Team

Creating the Brochure

Taking inspiration from the colours, fonts and styles used on the new website that Blue Frontier had produced for Eckoh, we set out to create a clean design that would display the information clearly throughout the brochure, using a contrasting mixture of white space and striking block colour.

From seeing the progression of the new website design that was created by our design team, one thing in particular that stood out as something that would influence the brochure design is the use of a roundel to frame the images. Using this circular style throughout the brochure was very effective and the client was really pleased with the final design.

Dave - Graphic Designer, Blue Frontier

We felt that using clean page layouts would be the best approach for this project. After discussing with the client, we were in agreement that to make the brochure as pleasing for the reader as possible it would be beneficial to have just one challenge per page. This would allow for the audience to focus and absorb the content much better.

Eckoh Brochure Online
Eckoh Digital Brochure Online

Project Summary

The end product was a quality and informative brochure that both the client and ourselves were pleased with and that works well with the new website and existing branding.

The brochure features a set of 12 customer service challenges within the industry and how Eckoh's vast range of services can combat each challenge. The photography we used on this project was fantastic and really helped to make the finished design eye catching.

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

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