Enable Autoenrol

Developing a Fully Managed Auto Enrolment System for Enable Ltd

Project Overview

Enable Ltd. has over 25 years’ experience providing payroll services to domestic and commercial employers. They saw an opportunity when the government announced legislation that means employers have to automatically enrol all eligible employees into a pension scheme.

In 2012, they began work on a project to create a fully managed auto enrolment solution. The solution would take the pressure off SMEs who don't have the resource to do it themselves.

They asked us to build a website where businesses could register themselves and their employees for auto enrolment.

Web Application Development for Enable Autoenrol

Project Summary

On top of this, the site had to handle all correspondence about the scheme by email or post (depending on the employer’s preference). It also had to have a payment function for employers to make their payments online.

Creating a seamless system that was able to manage the masses of data involved was a complex process.

As there was no model to base the system on, we had to build a bespoke site that met their essential requirements. This involved a vast amount of trial and error, working with the customer, in order to refine the system.

In the three years since its launch the website has seen growing employer registrations, reaching over 700 per month in recent months.

The rapid growth created a need for continual development of the application. It was essential to automate the manual task of making payments to employee pensions schemes.

Working with Enable Ltd.’s in-house team, we were able to automate the pension payments of over 8,000 employees across approx. 5,000 employers.

As the user base grows our team provides ongoing support and patches to reflect the complex requirements of a continually rolling development cycle. We will continue to develop the application to keep it in place as a market leading fully managed auto enrolment solution.

  • Joomla
  • PHP
  • XML
  • MySQL
  • Web Development
  • Data & Content Migration/Integration
  • Hosting
  • Support

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