FDI World Dental Federation

Informative Resources on the Importance of Oral Health

FDI World Dental Federation serves as the global voice of the dental profession, working with dentists worldwide to promote oral health through educational materials and activities.

As an international, membership-based organisation, it serves as the main representative body for more than 1 million dentists worldwide and is active in some 200 National Dental Associations (NDAs).

FDI contacted Blue Frontier to team up with our skilled graphic design team to work on a range of creative projects to showcase the varying work that they do to promote good oral health. These projects have included logo design, information fact sheets, infographics, brochure design and educational video.

Following styles from the FDI’s existing brand guidelines, we set out to create a series of designs that would balance informative textual content with strong supporting illustrative graphics, photography and animated video content.

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Graphic Design for Oral Health Campaign

Global Periodontal Health

This project consisted of creating a set of three fact sheets covering periodontal disease ranging from mild to severe to be handed out to patients by oral health professionals, giving advice and information on treatment methods. Periodontal disease (or gum disease) is an infection of the tissues that hold teeth in place and so sharing key information about treatments and further advice in a digestible format was essential.

As it is a global organisation, FDI requested our assistance in supplying the fact sheets in various languages. The client supplied us with the original content and the additional translations, which we were able to work successfully into the design.

As part of the same project, our digital team worked closely with FDI to create an instructional video with a voice over for their Periodontal Diseases Chairside Guide. The guide aims to help oral health professionals assess a patient’s risk for periodontal disease and help categorise the patient as either low, medium or high risk.

Graphic Design For Dental Healthcare Client

Quality in Dentistry Toolkit

FDI’s Quality in Dentistry project began in 2019 to raise awareness of the benefits of taking a quality approach to dentistry. We began working with FDI on a logo concept to support the project and which could be used across varying media such as the website and the toolkit brochure cover. On completion of the logo, we were tasked with creating the toolkit brochure which would be available as a downloadable resource on the FDI website for all to download and use as an informative guide.

The goal of this project is to raise awareness of the benefits of taking a quality approach in dentistry. Using the information provided we were able to create a professional design for the brochure using a mixture of textual content and selected image resources to display the information cleanly.

Quality in Dentistry Toolkit Brochure

It is a pleasure to work with Blue Frontier on the design needs for FDI World Dental Federation. The team have great creativity and consistently produce work of an exceptional standard. I can always rely on them to meet deadlines and support me to see projects to completion.

Rachael England, Education and Public Health Manager. FDI World Dental Federation

Oral Health in Comprehensive Cleft Care

FDI worked in conjunction with Smile Train to create a set of presentations and hand out guideline resources to support their Oral Health in Comprehensive Cleft Care project. We worked with the FDI to design the various resources using text and imagery supplied to us. The artwork needed to follow a similar clear style throughout to help carry important information which could be read by both oral health professionals and non-oral health professionals alike.

The finished designs were produced to our teams’ high standards, giving FDI a professional set of resources that they could hand out at the event.

Oral Health in Comprehensive Cleft Care Brochure Cover
Oral Health in Comprehensive Cleft Care Manual

The Result

Clear instruction and guidance from the client helped us to achieve great results that looked both clean and stylish across the range of projects, fitting well with the FDI brand.

The client has been pleased with the results of our dental design marketing services and we look forward to continuing to work with them on future projects.

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