A Modern Website Makeover

Meditech are a well-established medical equipment manufacturer specialising in medical gas equipment. They have been a key supplier to both the UK NHS and other international distributors over the past 12 months and reached out to Blue Frontier for a new website. 

This project was to build a new website for Meditech to support an evolving approach to improving marketing and online presence. Meditech felt that although functional, their previous website was somewhat out of date and did not match the image they wished to portray online. A full redesign was required to create a new and sleek site that would sharpen their corporate image. 

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Soldier uses Meditech to order an oxygen kit

Project Summary 

The new website was designed to be product based, but not include a shop or cart/checkout functionality. It instead behaves much like a catalogue providing users with key information about the available product types with the end goal being contact with the Meditech sales team for more information.

The existing website was by no means a true reflection of Meditech’s stature within their industry, this meant our main challenge was ensuring that we provided a design that positioned them more effectively and accurately alongside similar companies in their field.

The focus from that point was to research examples of these companies and ensure our own design direction aligned with these, but ultimately provided an aesthetic that was unique to Meditech.

A screenshot of one of the new Meditech product pages
A screenshot of the new Meditech home page

The Result

After a successful deployment, Blue Frontier, in collaboration with Meditech, delivered a sleek and modern website that provides the client with a stronger visual representation of their status within the medical industry.

In doing so, their overall brand has elevated to sit comfortably alongside their recognised competitors. Aside from a visual standpoint, the client now also has a site that was easier for them to manage and offers greater flexibility.

  • WordPress CMS
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • SCSS
  • JavaScript
  • GitHub
  • Adobe Creative Suite

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