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Ecommerce Platform Rebuild & SEO Services for Cleaning Supplier

One Stop Cleaning Shop approached Blue Frontier to use our web design and development services. The client required a mobile-friendly and modern shopfront usable across all devices, and a website that could help them maximise their search visibility.

A family business that has been trading for over 50 years, One Stop Cleaning Shop hold thousands of cleaning products, including industrial cleaning equipment, floor scrubbers and solutions for commercial office cleaning. With so many products on offer, it was essential to consider how to best categorise these products for optimal visibility.

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One Stop Cleaning Shop WooCommerce Website

One Stop Cleaning Shop was keen to move away from their existing Magento eCommerce platform, as it was fast approaching end of life. With this in mind, they also felt a complete design revamp was required to make the site more user-friendly, and they wanted a website that would help convert sales from their online paid advertising campaigns

As a full service digital agency, Blue Frontier took on the project with the knowledge that our digital marketing skills, responsive web design experience and hosting capability could really help One Stop Cleaning Shop on their way to success.

The new One Stop Cleaning Shop website build involved close collaboration between our web designers and our SEO team to ensure great user experience and accessible key product pages. It was obvious that a complete restructure was required, including creating new categories, so that users could navigate to the correct products with ease.

The project also required careful consideration of the steps we needed to take to avoid compromising our design team’s creativity in bringing the One Stop Cleaning Shop brand to life.

Working With a Third Party

We collaborated with a third party supplier who facilitates One Stop Cleaning Shop’s order management. We seamlessly integrated with their system so that existing trade could continue during the switchover to the new site. It was essential that trade and public customers were not disrupted and that business could continue as normal with customer service delivered at the same high level.

WooCommerce Web Development
WooCommerce Web Development

SEO Services

As part of the work, we conducted some initial competitor research and reviewed the site structure of websites within the industry to help establish what would work best for the client. We also reviewed the anchor text used by websites ranking above One Stop Cleaning Shop in order to inform decisions about how to best categorise products.

Following on from the build, our SEO team completed a full setup of the new site, preparing it to rank highly in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This involved writing keyword optimised meta data, creating friendly URLs, adding internal links, redirecting pages from the old website and producing new website content to drive organic traffic. To monitor the performance of the site, we installed Google Tag Manager so that we can collate the goal conversions and feed them back to the client.

Since the website has gone live, our PPC team continue to run and closely monitor the One Stop Cleaning Shop Google Ads account, ensuring their products appear in the Google Shopping Feed.

New Server to Help the Client Grow

The new One Stop Cleaning Shop website now has a dedicated server specifically built by our technical team to handle the website’s traffic and orders. Scalability is vital to eCommerce clients, especially for peak times of the year, and so our tech team worked hard to put everything in place to accommodate the needs of the client.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, traffic to the website soared with the healthcare sector and the public looking to stock up on cleaning supplies and antibacterial products. With the new hosting in place, the website has continued to handle the increased number of visitors seeking cleaning supplies. 

After the launch, the organic search results showed immediate improvement, driving more potential customers to the brand new website. The improved design has made it far easier for customers to find their products and checkout, regardless of which device they use.

Feedback on Jamie Bicknell, WooCommerce Developer: 

Jamie is technically brilliant, polite, and professional & was the absolute mainstay of the work you did for us. His communication skills, his attitude & the quality of his work could not have been better. Whatever issue I raised with Jamie, it was dealt with quickly & professionally. I simply cannot commend him enough.

Nikki Watt, Managing Director, One Stop Cleaning Shop

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