Brochure Design For Shenton Group

Creating a Brochure to Showcase Products and Services

Shenton Group is a UK based supplier of standby power, uninterruptible power supplies and combined heat and power systems.

We already have an established working relationship with Shenton Group as our web designers delivered them a brand new website, and our digital marketing team continues to run and monitor their SEO campaign and manage their Google Ads.

Shenton Group reached out to enquire about our graphic design service, as they required an updated brochure for their wide range of power system and generator products. They wanted to set out an overview of their product portfolio in an eye-catching format that would help them stand out in their industry.


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Brochure Design - Shenton Group

Creating the Brochure

We worked closely with the client in order to create a slick looking technical brochure that ticked all the required boxes. Nicole, brand manager at Shenton Group, came to us with a good level of design knowledge and had some great ideas to share during the process. Her technical insight and understanding of the brand made the whole design process run smoothly from start to finish.

Having direct input from the client ensured the project stayed on track and meant that when we needed any resources, such as images or graphics, we were able to obtain them quickly. It also meant that the client got the very best out of our in-house skills as our focus was on creating a stunning brochure.


Design Challenges

The industry in which Shenton Group operates is very specialist and the challenge for this project was to capture this specialist information in a succinct format appropriate for a brochure.

As we needed to convey such a wealth of technical information for the target audience, it was essential to work with Shenton Group to ensure the key details were included in the brochure. Shenton Group’s potential clients expect to be provided with an in-depth overview of the services and products in order to consider making an investment in a new power system or service. Therefore, the challenge for our graphic designers was to display this vital data in an aesthetically pleasing manner that was easy to digest but did not devalue the important content.

Being given a clear brief and being able to bounce ideas back and forth with the client made this project enjoyable from the off. This was very beneficial and enabled us to get a good understanding of what we needed to achieve with the project very quickly.



The End Result

The end product of our graphic design work for Shenton Group was a brochure that both ourselves and the client were delighted with.

The brochure features a company timeline, details about the management team and an overview of each of their core products and services. The technical aspects are supported by a range of images, diagrams and snippets of information that make it both eye-catching and informative.

From the outset, having the input of Nicole really helped us put this brochure together and incorporate all the required technical elements. The brochure is now widely shared by the client, both in a printed format and via their website, generating new leads for the business.

Thanks so much Dave! You have been super helpful in this project and I have enjoyed working with you, it’s been a breeze!


Graphic Design For Shenton

What we did

Our graphic designers worked with the client to produce a brochure that befitted the brand and its messaging.

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